Koi to Producer: EVOLxLOVE (Mr Love: Queen's Choice) - A Fujoshi’s First Impressions!

Ah, to be a fujoshi in this world that lacks BL content in anime. It’s so difficult to find something that can actually fill that emptiness inside us when we can’t find something to watch. Fortunately, it’s not like we can’t use our imagination to come up with our own BL stories, especially if we're watching an anime full of attractive young men, right? It seems that Koi to Producer: EVOLxLOVE might have everything we need!

Keep the Camera Rolling

After inheriting her dad’s company, a girl struggles to find funds for her TV show, facing the possibility of going bankrupt. She is not one to give up easily, however, so she takes it upon herself to find special people that would fit with the concept of the program. That’s how she comes to meet Profesor Simon, a handsome man who knows everything there is to know about supernatural phenomena. At first, she’s not sure that Simon will be able to help her, but soon she learns that there’s a reason why he’s a successful professor.

Along the way, she’ll also meet Kira (a talented yet childish idol), Haku (a mysterious police officer), and Zen (an expert in finances). Every encounter is special in its own way, and it makes this young producer feel like there’s more to these handsome men that meets the eye.

Solving the Mystery

In the first episode, we learn how the heroin spent years trying to find a young boy who saved her from being run over by a car, but the task proved to be impossible. When someone pushes her in front of a car, this enigmatic man shows up to save her again, but things are not the way they should. Everything is standing still, except for them, staring intently into each other’s eyes. This stranger talks about “Evolver” but she doesn’t understand what he means. We later discover two things: “Evolver” are special human beings with superpowers, and this stranger turns out to be… Zen!

Our protagonist sure knows how to get all the boys! It only takes her a bag of chips to start bonding with Kira... which is not that hard, considering he gives off a really nice vibe, like a cute little puppy. That being said, there’s a lot of chemistry between her and Simon too, always talking about science and the mysteries that surround the city. Zen is a special case, but we’re sure that sooner than later, they’ll start hitting it off.

Too Soon to Ship?

We only got to see 2 episodes so far, but the answer is no; it’s never too soon to start building ships. EVOLxLOVE is not a BL anime, but it definitely has enough sexy male characters for us to come up with different scenarios involving gay relationships. And hey, we won't judge your pairings, but matching Kira and Zen seems like a really good idea!

While Kira is really innocent and childish, Zen looks really mature and business-like, so... what would a relationship between these two be like? Maybe they’d fight like cats and dogs, always solving things in bed. Haku and Simon, on the other hand, are both an enigma, but it’s not a problem to imagine them together: Haku appears to have a really tough personality, but we’re pretty sure he wouldn't have an issue being the one on the receiving end!

Final Thoughts

Good thing we have our imagination to help us in times of need of a really good and steamy BL anime. Beggars can’t be choosers, so at this point, we have accept whatever we get. We're not complaining, though! The boys in Koi to Producer: EVOLxLOVE will definitely prove to be good shipping material. It’s all about being openminded and creative!

EVOLxLOVE Koi to Producer: EVOLxLOVE (Mr Love: Queen's Choice) - A Fujoshi’s First Impressions!

Author: Yaz L.

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