Miracle Finder: Evolver Genes (Mr Love: Queen's Choice)

Hello, and welcome to this week’s episode of Miracle Finder! The show where we scour the land in search of the occult and unexplainable! Today we truly have a bizarre topic for our eager viewers: Evolvers! As some of you may know, Evolvers have a rare gene called Evol, a mutation of human DNA that allows unnatural abilities to manifest.

Have you ever met someone that seemed to be just a bit out of the ordinary? Perhaps could do things you couldn’t explain? It could be they are, in secret, an Evolver! We’ve seen a few Evolvers with certain powers around Loveland City. Just how could these mysterious powers manifest in a human? Today, we shall explore the possible science behind this strange phenomenon!

Unexplainable Powers in Terms of Evolution

Certainly, humans cannot fly or control time… at least, most do not. Our species have adapted from cold, nomadic hunting lifestyles to sedentary, farming-based lifestyles with designated roles in a community. Looking at life all around us, it’s easy to see how superior the human race is in terms of building, philosophy, intellect, and terra-forming. We see some of these things in other species but no species we know of can stand head-to-head with humans. At one point, the very first fish took to land. Who’s to say there may be someone among us who could take to the sky?

Evol: Wind Manipulation

The average human body weighs 136 pounds and has heavy bones unsuited for flight. Our best bet at understanding how such a power could manifest in a person would be to look at the animals that have evolved alongside us. One power associated with wind manipulation is the ability to fly. Birds and bats have small, hollow bones and wings making them good fliers. Is it possible such a person could have developed hollow yet strong bones that allow them to not so much fly, but glide?

To consider the ability to control the very wind seems to border on magic, but perhaps this Evolver would have appendages not visible to our eyes that expand and contract to help them navigate in the wind. The other proclaimed ability is knowing where someone is as long as they are in the wind. This could be explained by an unusual sensitivity to smell which could be carried great distances by the wind. Dogs can find people buried underground and sharks can detect blood miles away so it’s possible a human could detect the location and distance of another human by an incredible sense of smell.

Evol: Time Manipulation

Another Evol that has been reported is time manipulation. This seems like stuff right out of sci-fi, but what if we looked at it not in terms of stopping time, but as a matter of speed? When moving at great speeds, it does seem as if other things are slowed down or stopped.

Einstein theorized that time is experienced slower or faster depending on one’s speed compared to other objects/people. Perhaps every atom in this Evolver’s body is able to move in unison at incredible speeds that allow them to seemingly move through time in a way most of us cannot. Time dilation has mostly been observed in space crafts, but it’s possible that a human can manipulate time dilation to their own will.

Evol: Charm

While we humans pride ourselves on thinking for ourselves, our brains can often add superfluous meaning to stimuli we come across. The halo effect is one example, the phenomenon that attractive people are assumed to be kinder and better than less-attractive people. There is no scientific merit to the halo effect that has been observed all over the world throughout time. Regular humans already emit pheromones that can subconsciously attract others even if they are not outwardly attractive. If we assume an Evolver has an unnaturally symmetric face (improving attractiveness), alluring smell (the sense most closely related to memory), and powerful pheromones that are produced all the time, we can easily see how such an ability could manifest.

Evol: Copy

This may be the trickiest power to try to explain that we’ve come across in our research. The only clue we have is the fact that outside of elemental manipulation, it seems Evolvers can’t use their powers on other Evolvers. We have seen different animals with the ability to change certain aspects of themselves, like parrots copying sounds and octopi changing their appearance to blend in. But the idea of one’s genetic makeup changing to match the genetic mutations of those around one sounds nigh impossible.

It is unknown just how Evol mutations come about, but, were we to consider this particular gene to act in some similar fashion to stem cells, perhaps we could conceive such a possibility. Stem cells grow as stem cells until they are needed to be something else, anything else. If this Evolver has an Evol that responds to other Evols around it and further mutates to be like that Evol, perhaps we would see someone who could utilize different powers.

Final Thoughts

Separating fact from fiction is the goal of Miracle Finder but today, we are left with more questions than answers. We hope at the very least we have broadened your mind and given you the ability to look at unexplained phenomenon from multiple angles.

The history of mankind has shown us that things that seem impossible may only be a few mutations away from being the norm! If you have any theories as to how these powers could manifest or where these mutations might lead humanity in the future, leave us a comment!

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