[Game vs. Anime] Mr. Love: Queen's Choice - From the Palm of Your Hand to the Computer Screen, How Do Our Heroes Fare?

Koi to Producer: EVOL x LOVE, the mobile game localized for American audiences as Mr. Love: Queen's Choice, has a 4.8 on the app store. It’s no wonder with how immersive the game is and how many different aspects there are aside from you just progressing in a story and choosing dialogue options. With realistic immersion being the goal, it makes sense the protagonists are more normal and adult-looking for VN otome dudes, which is nice for the vast majority of 18+ players! We all know anime adaptions can either help or hinder a series, so let’s take a look at how the anime and game compare!

Just as it was in the game, you are the owner of a television company you inherit from your father. The company (which you name in the game and is called Kiseki Entertainment in the anime) is on the verge of bankruptcy and you desire nothing more than to continue the show Miracle Finder that your father poured his soul into.

The motivation and character meetings are all pretty similar with minor differences. You’ll recognize people immediately from the cards you had readily available from your Karma and even minor characters pop up here and there to progress the story. A sort of sad departure is the storybook-like dream and memory sequences we can enjoy in the game. The anime instead opts for animation they can later reuse when those scenes play in real-time.


For some reason, there are a lot of liberties taken with how the stories progress. For a long while in the anime, the MC’s connection to Evolvers, beings with supernatural powers, remains unknown and hinted at best. By the 1st chapter in the mobile game, it’s stated that you’re an Evolver yourself, though your power is just starting to awaken.

Perhaps these liberties were taken in an attempt to get you fairly acquainted with everyone early on. Your police chase with Gavin is not only greatly reduced but also set much earlier on in the anime. It seems the anime wants to act somewhat standalone from the game in which it relies more on romantic aspects with drawn-out suspense in lieu of the entertainment industry and mystery focus of the dating app.


There are a couple of notable (albeit slight) differences that one may not notice if they weren’t huge fans of the game originally. In the anime, popstar Kira seems to have a mischievous-son-and-concerned-father relationship with his manager but in the game, their relationship seems to be tenser and Kira regards it with more bitterness at his lack of control over his life. Lucien has a more teasing attitude toward the MC instead of the readily helpful nature he presents in the anime. Victor is pretty much as cold in the game as he is in the anime but he does at one point steal the MC’s pudding for Kira and replaces it with his own in the game, insinuating a more control-freak persona.

Interestingly, most of the TV network content is missing in the anime unless it is providing contexts for the love interests to meet the MC. In the game, different shows and aspects of entertainment are talked about in detail which makes you far more invested in the well-being of the company. The game has several features such as Footage and Missions Stages that call for industry experts, and City News where you hunt for info that allows you to feel like a real production member while still allowing you time with the various hot guys. The anime has only so much time so instead of the plot points being brought on by interactions with your love interests, they seem to be more coincidental with what MC is shooting for her network to at least incorporate some of the television aspects.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of the original game, the anime can be a double-edged sword. If you’re looking for an immaculate re-telling then you’re not going to be happy with the seemingly random cutting up of exposition and changes to the story such as there being a young evolver that transports MC instead of the guy from Black Swan that tried to stab her. It’s also just less visually appealing and focuses much more on the MC getting close with all the guys.

Now, if you can’t get enough of one or more of the guys from Koi to Producer, they do still have their charm and you’ll be able to indulge in their visage more readily than if you had to wait to level up or regain energy. It works fine as a stand-alone anime though it loses some of its originality users of the game enjoyed.

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