KoiKimo Review: It’s Actually Realistic To Call This Love

Love comes in different forms. You don’t always get to choose how or when it knocks on your door. It could be in a train station or on the streets. If you chase love, you will never catch it. Yet love catches you when you least expect it. The anime Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui or KoiKimo for short just ended a few days ago. With just 12 episodes, the anime managed to conclude a good story. While the pacing of the story was rather fast because of the lack of episodes (as most shoujo anime suffer from), the producers still chose to give the story a meaningful and realistic conclusion. As we watched the last few episodes of KoiKimo, we couldn’t help but root for the primary couple, Ichika and Ryou, to finally get together. But we also wanted them to deal with the main concerns of the show in a healthy way. And guess what? KoiKimo delivered!

The Pacing and Characters

The pacing of the show and the character development were very realistic through the relationship between Ryou and Ichika. From Ryou falling in love with Ichika at first sight to Ichika slowly realizing her feelings for Ryou, the story took its time to develop the relationship between Ichika and Ryou. It started with simple things you’d do for your friend like helping with homework and talking about manga slowly developing into going on dates and buying each other thoughtful gifts. The characters of the anime were pretty well developed for a 12-episode anime and of course, many fan favorites were Rio, Ichika’s best friend and Ryou’s little sister who played a major role in the entire anime and let’s face it, without her, we wouldn’t have a couple together!

Ichika Showing How She Truly Feels

One of the many complaints this anime got from the very beginning was how straightforward Ryou was in pursuing Ichika even though she kept saying no. However, as fate would have it, Ichika did fall in love with Ryou when he was least expecting it. The best part about the whole anime was when Ichika was the one who pursued Ryou because he was starting to think that he really was harassing Ichika and not helping her in any way by being next to her. Watching her be the one holding Ryou accountable for not keeping in touch and being the one to confess first, Ichika showed her character development and that she’s as serious about Ryou as he is about her.

A Happy Ever After That Came Full Circle!

Of course, the best part of the whole anime was when Ryou kissed Ichika. The producers of the anime really gave us the gift every shoujo anime fan waits for: a beautiful and meaningful kiss. While KoiKimo’s kiss wasn’t set in a very picturesque place, it was in a very meaningful place. The anime started with Ichika saving Ryou in the train station and the fact that they confessed and affirmed their love for each other in the same place was a very good idea and it was executed beautifully. The ending song included in the last few moments of the anime really heightened the impact of those few moments where these two characters decide to fight for this relationship. As the episode came to an end, we got to see Ichika getting along with Kai and Ryou getting along with Arie which was actually so wholesome and a deviation from any other second lead shoujo characters in anime. We also saw Ryou's dad acknowledging him quietly and the anime managed to tie a lot of its loose ends together.

Let’s Defy Society...Together!

The final episode clearly punched most of its negative comments out of the way to show that these are two individuals in love from Ryou realizing that he did do some disturbing things yet Ichika telling him that it was because of how straightforward he was in his feelings that she was able to see Ryou for who he really was and fall in love with him. The fact that the whole confession took place at the train station, one of the busiest places filled with people, showed that these two people in love do not care about society anymore. They only care about each other and what they feel. They simply want to show their love to each other, despite how wrong it might look to anyone else. Moreover, Ichika asked Ryou to wait for him just a little bit longer which Ryou happily agrees to. He assures her that they’re in this together and he’ll be by her side through it all. This makes the ending extremely realistic and even though shoujo anime loves breaking societal bounds, this anime does the same in a very beautifully realistic way.

Final Thoughts

KoiKimo was definitely one great ride of an anime this season. One thing we do regret not seeing is a series of what happens when Ichika does turn 18 and how happy Ryou and Ichika are together in the different phases of life like Tsuki ga Kirei perfectly executed but sadly we didn’t get that. However, the anime came to a full circle and a beautiful story ended with a beautiful journey beginning! We at Honey’s Anime hope that Ichika and Ryou continue to fight for their love and win! Let’s hope they stay happy together! What did you think of KoiKimo? Is there something you don’t agree with in this article? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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