Lightning Comes to MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY in New Collaboration

What You Need to Know:

  • This past weekend, Producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed Lightning will be the first Ultimate Hero in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY™, allowing players to enhance their gameplay. The Ultimate Hero card strengthens the main character and transforms their HD appearance, voice and ultimate attack to that of Lightning.
  • Fans can also explore a completely new storyline for FINAL FANTASY® XIII, along with other content updates and gameplay enhancements. The collaboration event kicks off on September 5.
  • On September 15, Hope and Snow will replace Lightning (“Knight of Etro”) and Noel (“Last Hunter”) as the available Legend job cards. Hardcore players seeking a challenge can try out the “Lightning Resurrection Region, Part 2” for more of the original story content and grow their FINAL FANTASY XIII cards.
  • Also, “Ragnarok: FFXIII,” the new Supreme card, will be available for a limited time that unleash incredibly powerful and flashy moves that can attack enemies 10 times in succession. A new Ranking Event will begin on September 23, where players can use Lightning Resurrection’s paradigms to intensify the battles and compete against each other to reach the top.

Source: Official Press Release

Key Features

A system that refreshes battle: The new “Lightning Resurrection” region introduces a unique battle system where players unlock paradigms to gain powerful effects in battle.

Hope and Snow, the New Legend Job Summons: Players will get the chance to obtain Hope (“Hope’s Guide”) and Snow (“Unbroken Hero”). Players who successfully summon these characters will also receive a Lightning-themed companion spirit.

New In-Game Bonuses – Players can obtain 16 gifts including a warrior weapon, “Blazefire Saber,” an exclusive Lightning ability card and a Lightning emoticon stamp by simply logging-in to the game.

Official Trailer

Mobius Final Fantasy x FFXIII collaboration

honeys anime character
Now this is a collabo I can agree with! I love Lightning!

honeys anime character
While not many people may like Lightning Returns, I truly found the game to be great