[Hollywood to Anime] Like How to Train Your Dragon? Watch These Anime!

On top of a cold and rocky island, stands the village of Berk. A place where some of the hardiest and meanest Vikings raise their children and go about their lives amidst the disastrous storms and the difficult pest problem. . . dragons. While dragon slaying is a source of pride amongst Burkians, it does not come easily to Hiccup, son of the Chief, whose frail physique impedes his ability to fight dragons like his people. One day, he manages to capture a rare dragon, the Nightfury, and when given the opportunity to slay it, he sets it free, thus beginning a legendary friendship of a dragon named Toothless and Hiccup, a boy who sets off to change the minds of his people and the traditions that have defined them.

Like How to Train Your Dragon? Watch Fairy Tail!

  • Episodes: 278
  • Aired: October 2009 – March 2013

In the magical land of Fiore; amidst the mysterious forests, bustling cities, and eclectic cultures lies the wizard guild of Fairy Tail. One of many wizard guilds in the land. Fairy Tail sets itself apart as a cheery and troublesome guild made up of some of the most powerful up-and-coming wizards in the land. This reputation has long been known to Lucy Heartfillia, a celestial wizard whose goal is to one day join the membership of this prestigious guild. Along the way to achieving her dream, she finds herself in trouble and quickly rescued by Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail. He brings her along as a new recruit to Fairy Tail and thus begins the next stage of her journey.

Major Similarities Between How to Train Your Dragon and Fairy Tail

1. Dragons!

Among the strongest wizards at Fairy Tail, Natsu Dragneel shares a particular similarity with Hiccup, and that is his love of dragons. Natsu’s fiery dragon slayer magic is a result of the training he received from his adoptive father, who just happens to be a dragon. Dragons and the magic they possess are a key pillar in the magic system that exists in the world of Fiore, many wizards covet it and many more fear it. The presence of dragons is often kept secret but they play a key part in the lore of the show.

2. Community

A key theme throughout How to Train Your Dragon is the feeling of community and identity. For Hiccup, he is a part of Burk, playing an integral role as the chief’s son, though constantly underestimated while trying to find his place. Regardless, Burkians look out for each other no matter what the threat. The same can be said for the wizards at the Fairy Tail guild, who see each other, regardless of skill or blood relation, as one big family that they would each fight to protect from harm.

Like How to Train Your Dragon? Watch Pokémon!

  • Episodes: 276
  • Aired: April 1997 – November 2002

Ash Ketchum wants to be the best, the best there ever was. More specifically, he wants to become a Pokémon master by catching and training Pokémon. Pokémon are creatures of different shapes, sizes, and skills that play an integral part in the everyday life of human beings, from making food to saving lives. Many remain wild but trainers capture Pokémon with pokéballs to train them. The first step in Ash’s journey comes with choosing his first Pokémon, but when he sleeps in and arrives late to Professor Oak’s lab, he is left with taking the last remaining Pokémon, Pikachu, an electric-mouse type, as his companion. They set off on their journey and make friends along the way, with the likes of Brock and Misty, working together towards accomplishing their respective goals.

Major Similarities Between How to Train Your Dragon and Pokémon

1. Zoology is important!

Where there are dragons, there is science and study. One key item that separates dragons of Fairy Tail or other fantasy anime from Dragons in How to Train Your Dragon is the association of Dragons with magic. In the film, it is seen more like science or a subclass of zoology, the study of dragons that involves researching their natural behaviors, their capabilities, etc. In much the same way, Pokémon incorporates similar methods of study through the use of the Pokédex, which gathers data on new species as well as the role of Pokémon trainers, professors, doctors, nurses, and breeders; all which revolve around the care and study of Pokémon.

2. Trainer and Friend

Perhaps one of the most obvious comparisons to make between Pokémon and How to Train Your Dragon is the relationship of the Trainer and the creature. One key similarity is the friendship between the protagonist and their pet or companion as we see with Hiccup and Toothless as well as Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Both relationships start off with a little apprehension but quickly form into incredibly powerful friendships. Another similarity is that both Hiccup and Ash train themselves and their respective friends through various challenges.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article has given you a deeper appreciation or understanding of the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy and its core themes. Let us know in the comments if you agree with our comparisons or if there are other similarities we did not discuss. You can catch the final film in the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy in theatres now.

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