[Hollywood to Anime] Like Ralph Breaks The Internet? Watch These Anime

After over five years of waiting, audiences finally got the sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph, or Ralph Breaks the Internet. Now that the internet is connected to the arcade where Vanellope von Schweetz and Ralph reside, they can explore a whole new world (as Aladdin and Jasmine best put it). As opposed to being a movie about classic arcade games, the movie expands to modern American pop culture as a whole. So for those of you who enjoyed Ralph Breaks the Internet, what are some titles from the world of anime to check out?

Liked Ralph Breaks the Internet? Watch High Score Girl!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 14, 2018 – September 28, 2018

Major Similarities Between Ralph Breaks the Internet and High Score Girl

1. Nostalgic Video Games

Just like how Ralph Breaks the Internet gives older viewers a taste of nostalgia, High Score Girl offers something similar but in context to Japan’s gaming scene. Haruo and his best friend Akira love to go at it at Street Fighter II in the arcades, which is given a cameo in the Ralph movie. Through video games, we see how friendships are formed and it also gives international audiences an idea just how big the PC Engine (or the TurboGrafx-16) was over there. Just like how we see the games with their original graphics in context to the outside world, High Score Girl offers its viewers that same flavor. Though the animation is relatively cheap and simple looking, it offers the same kind of heart warming flavor of making friends through games just like Ralph Breaks the Internet does.

Liked Ralph Breaks the Internet? Watch Re:Creators!

  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: April 8, 2017 – September 16, 207

So, what if your favorite anime, video game, manga, and/or light novel characters (for better or worse) all came to the real world? Well, it would certainly be the battle of the century as this is what happens in the 2017 hit, Re:Creators!

Major Similarities Between Ralph Breaks the Internet and Re:Creators:

1. Pop culture mash up

In comparison to Ralph Breaks the Internet, Re:Creators takes the notion of mixing various pop culture reference, and just makes it dark and intense. Though they don’t directly use characters from other properties, it is obvious for fans to see who the featured characters are meant to reference. Mamika is a homage to Madoka from Madoka Magica, Selesia spoofs Asuna from Sword Art Online, and Yuuya’s summon is similar to a Persona, or a Stand from JoJo. While Disney has the money to get the rights to use various characters featured in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Re:Creators tweaks it enough for hardcore fans to get who references who. What makes Re:Creators more exciting than Ralph Breaks the Internet is as opposed to co-existing within the internet, these characters are magically brought to the real world and duke it out!

Final Thoughts

Lastly, we would like to disclaim that the list we made is mostly aimed for mature audiences. While we know that Ralph Breaks the Internet is a family film, a good portion of anime is difficult to recommend due to cultural differences and what parents want their children to be exposed to. In Re:Creators, there is a considerable amount of violence and death, and No Game No Life explores a very mature issue of Japanese society. The closest we can recommend for all audiences is probably High Score Girl. If any of you reading are parents, we’d like to caution that you should personally view these recommendations yourselves before showing them to anyone 18 or younger. If you do choose to expose your children to anime, that’s great, just teach them the difference between right and wrong, and the Norm MacDonald method of distinguishing between reality and fantasy; fantasy good, reality bad.

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