Original Netflix Fantasy Anime Lost Song Reveals New Key Visual

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Lost Song

Fantasy, Music

Airing Date:
March 31, 2018


Honey’s Highlights

mo-thinking Original Netflix Fantasy Anime Lost Song Reveals New Key Visual
Netflix is getting more aggressive. They have been making more and more anime. This one is different in that you won't be able to binge it at first. You will have to watch the episodes week by week. I wonder what they are plotting.
mo-thinking Original Netflix Fantasy Anime Lost Song Reveals New Key Visual
YEAH. It's total nonsense that I cannot binge watch the anime and have to wait week to week for episodes. It's NETFLIX. Not a broadcasting company!
mo-thinking Original Netflix Fantasy Anime Lost Song Reveals New Key Visual
It's probably becuase the show is also airing on TV in Japan as well. If you unleash it all at once, then no one would watch the TV broadcast.. But forgotten songs that have magical powers? Sounds like the Mecha in RahXephon or like Index from To Aru Majutsu no Index. I smell plot twists.
mo-thinking Original Netflix Fantasy Anime Lost Song Reveals New Key Visual
Yeah. This is going to be a unique anime for sure. Plus, big anisong singers like Yukari Tamura and Konomi Suzuki are in it and performing the opening and ending.

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Rin is a friendly, slightly gluttonous little girl who lives in a village in a remote region surrounded by lush greenery. On the other hand, Finis is a showy songstress of the royal capital. Deep within the royal palace, she lives her days in solitude. Finis and Rin possess a special power that no one else has: by singing a song, they can give birth to various miracles such as healing wounds, creating water, causing the wind to blow, and more... However, fate has decided to lure both of these girls who possess the power of song on their own harsh journeys.

When the shadow of war has closed around the kingdom, even the shining song of miracles will be tainted with the color of blood. The wailing shrieking of loved one’s lives that have been stolen echo from the jails. The fates of these two are mixed together but will the final song that these two sing be one of despair, hope, or something else...

Characters & Voice Actors List


Voice Actor: Yukari Tamura

Finis is a 17 year-old songstress of the capital city who has the power to evoke miracles with her singing, and she is revered as a goddess. She has been selected to become crown prince Rood’s wife, but as long as she can see the joyous faces of the people, then she can continue to sing. A pacifist, she despises conflict and is extremely bad at directions.


Voice Actor: Konomi Suzuki

Rin was found by the elder of Dandela village when she was just a child, and raised like she was one of his family members. Straightforward and positive, this little girl is a glutton. She also likes to sing and her singing ability has a mysterious power to heal the wounds of others. Her dream is to sing in the capital.

Monica Looks

Voice Actor: Yuu Serizawa

Truly the polar opposite of her older sister Allieu, Monica is extremely shy. When she is nervous, she falls asleep rather quickly. However, her musical abilities are that of a genius, and as long as she can see and hear something once, she can imitate it. She especially excels at harmonizing.

Pony Goodlight

Voice Actor: Chiaki Takahashi

Pony is a former minstrel that belonged to the imperial court orchestra. This tall beauty is excellent at looking after others, but she has her flaws in that she loves alcohol and gambling too. Whenever anyone points out her age or marriage eligibility, she becomes livid (However this is usually due to her own misunderstanding).


Voice Actor: Misaki Hisano

Al is a young boy who grew up with Rin and loves inventing. His dream is to become a scientist in the imperial capital. He has developed various items due to being good with his hands, but he has also failed a lot. Al’s speech and conduct is extremely logical in one way or another, and whatever the situation is, he always wants to use his knowledge to solve everything.

Henry Leobold

Voice Actor: Seiichirou Yamashita

Henry is a knight of the Leobold family which has been a highly honored, famous family for generations. He is so powerful that he could easily take the winning sport in a sword fighting competition, but he has a gentle personality and dislikes conflict. He stands alone in opposition to the will of the Imperial Army which seeks to utilize the miraculous singing powers of the songstresses as a tool of war.

Allieu Looks

Voice Actor: Asami Seto

Allieu’s dream was to join the imperial court musicians, but for a certain reason she instead became a Rhythmic knight for the imperial army. Even though she herself is one to quickly get into fights, when she sees others fighting, she puts a stop to it quickly. Allieu is passionate and cares about her family. She has a bad habit of sounding out a rhythm on things and people around her.

Rood Bernstein the 4th

Voice Actor: Yuuto Suzuki

Rood is the crown prince of the Gort Empire. The general public has a deep-seated dislike of him because of his harsh and malicious personality. He is currently plotting to use the power of Finis’s song in order to take over other countries around theirs. Finis is also currently his pick for a bride, and so in order for that to happen, he has imprisoned the King.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Utaeba Kimi ga Soko ni Iru kara by Konomi Suzuki
  • Ending Song: TEARS ECHO by Yukari Tamura

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Junpei
  • Director: Junpei Morita
  • Script: Junpei Morita
  • Original Illustrator: Tomonori Fukuda
  • Music: Yuusuke Shirato

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