Magic Kyun! Renaissance - Anime Fall 2016

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Magic Kyun! Renaissance Key Visual 2
Magic Kyun! Renaissance Key Visual 2

Magic Kyun! Renaissance

Music, Idol, Magic

Airing Date:
October 2 2016


Honey’s Highlights

honeys anime character
Urgh, a reverse harem? With magical idol boys? I'll pass on this one thanks.
honeys anime character
Are you kidding me?! This is the PERFECT anime concept! It's like Uta no Prince-sama meets Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!
honeys anime character
I'm with Honey-chan on this one, would you look at these boys in the PV... Bring on October 2016! Please tell me there's a manga?

honeys anime character
Apparently it's a multimedia project, so we might get a manga in future! A dating simulation game has already been announced, though!

Promotional Videos / PV


This is a world where art is magic. Users of magical arts are known as Artista and are active in the showbusiness world.

Kohana Aigasaki is an unprecedented transfer student at Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School, a school which brings together potential future Artista. As soon as she enrolls, she’s chosen to be an executive committee member for the traditional cultural festival, Hoshinomori Summer Festa. So begins her exciting school life with six boys aiming to be future entertainers!

With these six boys, each of whom specialise in different arts, will Kohana be able to make Hoshi Fest a success and be chosen as the best students of the year, the Artista Prince & Princess? A new renaissance is about to begin!

Three Episode Impression

Magic Kyun Renaissance brings us the same style of anime as Uta no Prince-sama - a reverse harem set in a special school where the female lead must help each of the boys around her get over their issues and win a competition. So what makes it different? Well firstly, it's not just about idols, but other musicians, dancers and all kinds of arts. Secondly, these boys are literally magic. That's right, every time they show off their skills they produce 'sparkles'. If you love pretty artwork (and let's be honest, boys) and can't get enough of that weirdly enjoyable cringe that comes with a character song/performance per episode à la UtaPri and Starmyu, Magic Kyun Renaissance is definitely one for you.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Teika Ichijouji

Voice Actor: Yuuichirou Umehara

A results-oriented, stoic singer. The ‘King’ with the top singing skills in the school. He acts cool, but underneath this facade his heart burns with passion. He is always under pressure from his father and two older brothers to live up to the noble family name, Ichijouji. He’s childhood friends with Aoi Suminomiya, but at Hoshinomori Magical Arts High School, they are rivals fighting for the top spot.

Aoi Suminomiya

Voice Actor: KENN

An aloof calligrapher who goes his own way. Always slouches and rarely talks, a genius in a world of his own. He’s usually indifferent towards other people and the finer details but once he becomes interested in something, he’ll become completely absorbed in it. He’s childhood friends with Teika Ichijouji, but it’s rumoured that they are rivals fighting for the top spot. He doesn’t care, though.

Rintarou Tatewaki

Voice Actor: Yuuki Ono

A handsome sculptor who makes everyone around him happy. Cheerful, energetic and attentive, he’s popular with his classmates. Despite his small size, he’s able to make giant sculptures with a chainsaw or chisel. His hobby is cooking. Respects his grandfather, a master sculptor. Always looking after Monet Tsukishi, his cousin.

Louis Anjou

Voice Actor: Wataru Hatano

A sexy dancer who whispers sweet words. Indiscriminately kind to everyone, he puts those around him in a good mood. He’s always making jokes, but every now and then he shows an anguished expression. He hardly ever takes things seriously, but he has special dancing abilities that captivate anyone that watches.

Monet Tsukishi

Voice Actor: Shouta Aoi

An up-and-coming painter full of wisdom. A confident and slightly cheeky first year. He’s shy and sensitive to the words of others, but once he’s opened his heart to someone he gets needy. Also known as the ‘Monochrome Prince’, although he is still a student, his paintings are highly regarded. Has an older twin brother who is also a painter. Rintarou Tatewaki’s cousin. Has a pet hedgehog called Rin.

Kanato Hibiki

Voice Actor: Takuya Eguchi

A kind-hearted cellist who is accepting of everyone. He may look scary, but he’s a friendly underclassman who can’t leave those in need alone. A sportsman who loves basketball. The oldest of five brothers. His speciality is the cello and his music has a warm tone to it.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Magic Kyun! No. 1 ☆ by ArtiSTARs
  • Ending Song: Please kiss my heart by ArtiSTARs

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Hajime Yatate
  • Director: Mitsue Yamazaki
  • Script: Tomoko Konparu
  • Character Design: Kumi Ishii
  • Sound Director: Yoshikazu Iwanami
  • Original Illustrator: Kairi Yura
  • Music: Gou Sakabe

For more information: Official Website

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