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We otakus usually like magic, right? Lately, otome games are on the rise too. So, why not mix them up? Even better, someone took the idea of La Corda D’Oro and combined it with magic. Maybe that is how Magic-Kyun! Renaissance was born :p In this story about talented people preparing for a school festival, we have various wonderful guys competing for the attention of the same lady. Above everything, the characters compete in the realms of creativity. Without creative thinking, artists would not be able to stand out. Therefore, we are going to rank the Magic-Kyun! Renaissance characters according to how creative they are. Without further ado, let’s go!

Warning: this article has some spoilers. Proceed with caution or chose another article to read instead.

10. Sakura Aigasaki

We are going to start our count with a deceased character (sniff). Sakura is the protagonist’s mother. She majored in flower arrangement and was considered a high skilled artist around the world (or Artista, as they are called in the show). Unfortunately, Sakura died in an accident when her daughter Kohana was young.

Sakura’s role in the story is interesting, as her life and achievements were the main inspiration for Kohana throughout most of the story. Nevertheless, we can see the typical “shadow of the talented parent” here too. Sakura was so creative that she was a light of inspiration for more than one of her peers. However, this had its good and bad points.

9. Chieri Toudou

The best artists require the best teachers. That is why we have Professor Toudou in Hoshinomori Private Magical Arts High School (or Hoshigei High, for short). He is a graduate from the school himself, where he majored in pottery. Now Todou teaches a class where the protagonist Kohana and other three of our characters are.

So, why do we say he is creative? Well, if you have found school boring, you will understand that it takes a special ability to teach and to motivate students. Todou was able to do so with Kohana. He also teaches his students the tricks at the core of the artistic professions, beyond technique. Todou also has a secret that has to do with Kohana’s mother (another graduate from the school).

8. Juri Chikamatsu

Our protagonist Kohana enters the prestigious Hoshigei High in hopes of becoming a great artist. And who welcomes her there? None other than Juri Chikamatsu, who is now her roommate. Juri is in charge of explaining basic things to Kohana, but throughout the series, they become best friends!

Although we don’t see much of Juri in the show, we know that her ability is acting. She has also been known to write plays. Juri is a responsible girl who works at a cafe. Nevertheless, most of her creativity goes into directing the stage, pretty much like Shakespeare did in his days; Juri does a little bit of everything!

7. Rui Anjou

Rui (or Louis) is one of the oldest characters, as he is already in the third grade. Just be careful, as he does not take anything seriously and loves to make jokes. Oh, and Rui is a flirter, as expected from an overly handsome character. Anyway, what matters most for an artist is their work, so let’s leave his personality aside to check on his art.

Rui is an expert in dance. He looks like he is moving with cadence and rhythm even when Rui is walking. Or at least he used to be, as something stopped him from practicing. That is why Rui did not graduate on time. Anyway, he does acts of kindness with his dancing, which gives an altruist dimension to his creativity.

6. Kanato Hibiki

Don’t let this guy’s constitution deceive you, Kanato is a first year student of music who also excels at basketball. As the eldest brother in his family, Kanato has a sense for continuous responsibility. That suits his instrument of choice, the cello, well. When Kanato plays, warmth spreads around with his magical sparkles.

Nevertheless, Kanato’s creativity does not stop there. When Kohana has to sort out the concerns and complaints from the school’s opinion box, Kanato was there to help. Even when he had practice, Kanato helped Kohana with each one of the issues or replies. Kanato ended up practicing until late for his recital, but everything turned out alright for him. The guy is resourceful and creative.

5. Aoi Suminomiya

Meet the star calligrapher among the students of Hoshigei High. The silent Aoi likes to concentrate on one thing at a time, thus he can be completely oblivious about the world that surrounds him. For Aoi, there is only his art and himself usually. He needs a lot of concentration to find out what he wants to write, but once he picks up the brush, a masterpiece is born.

So yes, Aoi might be creative, but he still lacks a muse to inspire his ultimate work. Kohana helps him a little with that, as she tidies her study and makes a flower arrangement to encourage him. Thus, from these gestures, Aoi’s writer’s block ends. Although he still has to produce his great masterpiece, Aoi realized he needs a little bit of the outside world and human contact to be more creative 🙂

4. Rintarou Tatewaki

Rintarou is a total ray of light for everyone around him. Rintarou encourages such a happy mood and is so attentive, that he is highly popular among the students of Hoshigei High. He also has artistic blood running through his veins, as Rintarou’s grandfather was a famous sculptor. Rintarou himself is very skillful in the same area, as he is capable of creating colossal masterpieces.

However, Rintarou turns out to be a little bit more creative, as he switches his career! This guy likes to take care of his cousin Monet, so Rintarou makes food for him sometimes. It is later found out that Rintarou’s true calling is cooking, so now we could say he has two specialties. Men who cook have added creativity, don’t you think the same?

3. Kohana Aigasaki

Meet the main protagonist of our story! Kohana is in her second year, and just transferred to Hoshigei High. As this is the school that her mother attended, Kohana believes this will help her to become a skilled flower arranger. Nevertheless, Kohana also inherit Sakura’s kindness and friendliness, which also helps with creativity. I mean, how else do you solve complex problems if not with a little bit of help from your friends?

Anyway, let’s go back to Kohana’s art. Hoshigei High and its students surely helped to inspire her, as it is with a flower arrangement for Teika that she managed to produce her first magical sparkles. Also, Kohana’s works inspire other friends around to give their best. An Artista who can influence others for the better surely is creative!

2. Tsukushi Monet

We already talked a little about Monet, as he is Rintaro’s cousin. Artistry and creativity apparently flood in this family’s blood. Monet and his older twin brother are both painters! Despite that Monet is on his first year, he is already known as the “Monochrome prince”, due to his beautiful paintings.

Monet also has something to share with a few creative artists, and that is his sensitivity for criticism. To be sensitive does not mean that you take offense easily but that you care about your work of art a lot. Thus, Monet only realizes that he wants to expand his horizons with color after a good experience with volleyball and a talk with Kohana.

1. Teika Ichijouji

We finally arrived to whom is probably the most popular character of Magic-Kyun Renaissance, Teika. The Ichijoujis are famous in this world for being great, creative Artistas. That is why Teika’s father and older brothers pressure him to be the best. As a consequence, Teika is an overachiever in the school.

Unfortunately, this means that at the beginning of the story, he sees other creative fellows as rivals… including his childhood friend, Aoi 🙁 Of course, on meeting Kohana, Teika changes a bit and starts realizing the value of cooperating. In order to become more creative, he also realizes he needs others as well. So, instead of being too competitive, Teika relaxes and releases his creativity through his singing for more people to enjoy it.

Final thoughts

Despite being mainly like an Otome game adapted into an anime, Magic-Kyun! Renaissance has an ingenious use of art as the main trademark of each character. We end up thinking that artworks are more than for self fulfilment. Kohana and his friends teach us that art is for everyone to watch and ultimately enjoy. And what is better than art that becomes unforgettable due to its particular originality? That is where we encounter creativity… we can have so much fun by watching it unfold! But tell us, which was your favorite character from Magic-kyun Renaissance? Don’t forget we are open to all your comments. See you soon!

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