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The world of anime is limitless, and certain anime are so exciting, deep, and full of passion that they are simply unforgettable. Even after years have passed since they’ve been aired, they still continue to represent a reference point for all those people who, during childhood, dreamt of holding special powers and living wonderful adventures in forgotten places, parallel dimensions or new worlds together with their favorite characters, real champions of justice. Unfortunately, everything comes to an end and some of these vintage anime exist only in their fans’ memories, as in Sailor Moon’s case, but today Honey’s Anime has good news for all you nostalgic fans who’d like to relive the same emotions Usagi and her friends were able to leave in your hearts. If you’re keen on mahō shōjo stories don’t stop reading, because we have just the thing for you!

About Sailor Moon

  • Episodes: 46
  • Aired: Mar. 1992 – Feb. 1993

Not only nostalgic fans, but also people belonging to the new generation know that mahō shōjo anime history has been made by Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon is no ordinary anime. In fact, Sailor Moon is one of the most famous of all times, both because the topics it covered are still relevant today (women’s empowerment and homosexuality, for example) and because it’s THE mahō shōjo, the one which influenced all the later anime more than any other work of the same genre. Its success has been so big that recently a remake (Sailor Moon Crystal) has been made, demonstrating that its reputation is still untouched and it’s probably even increased. Sailor Moon follows the adventures of the clumsy junior high school student Usagi Tsukino, chosen by the mysterious Luna – a cat that will later become her guardian – to become a Sailor Warrior. The mission Usagi will have to accomplish is to find the Moon Princess and to fight against the Dark Kingdom ruled by the evil Queen Beryl that wants to swallow humanity into its darkness. Many dangerous enemies will try to stop Sailor Moon from fulfilling her mission, but luckily Usagi won’t be fighting alone and will always able to count on her brave friends’ love and support.

Liked Sailor Moon? Watch Flip Flappers!

In a world that coexists with another dimension, the rational Cocona and the exuberant Papika are two of the few people to know the truth that lies beneath the surface and hold the key to open the door of a parallel universe. This is called “Pure Illusion” and it’s a dreamlike place inhabited by strange and not so friendly creatures where nothing is what it seems to be. Dragged into this world by a robot sent by a secret organization, Cocona and Papika will have to fulfill a crucial mission: finding the mysterious crystal “Shard of Mimi”, that is said to possess the power of granting any wish. “Shard of Mimi” is a very special item, that shines every time Cocona and Papika are in danger, making them able to transform in warriors with amazing powers.

Three Major Similarities Between Sailor Moon and Flip Flappers

1. Young Women With Great Responsibilities

Did you know that what made Sailor Moon the most popular series above all the mahō shōjo anime existing during the Nineties was the fact that it has been one of the first works to show young women perfectly capable of taking care of themselves? Sailor Moon helped to crush the stereotype that women need to be rescued by a white knight on a horse, demonstrating how a group of young ladies could rely on their own extraordinary powers not only to protect themselves, but also to save humanity from annihilation.

Well, if you’re searching for an anime that talks about the adventures of strong and independent women, then you should definitely watch Flip Flappers. In Flip Flappers, the main characters are not a group of girls as it was for Sailor Moon, but a duo of young girls still inexperienced about the cruelty of the world and ignorant about their true strength, but capable of standing up and fighting to accomplish the mission objectives that have been assigned them.

2. In Search for a Crystal

When Luna met Usagi for the first time, she said that she was going to grant the girl a special power: the one to transform into Sailor Moon. But she was not giving Usagi those powers out of generosity; in fact, Luna wanted the clumsy little girl to find the Moon Princess, the only person in the whole universe capable of using the Silver Crystal and to prevent the world from falling into darkness.

The search for a crystal capable of emanating an amazing power is a leitmotif in many mahō shōjo anime and Flip Flappers falls into this category too. Indeed, as in Sailor Moon, in Flip Flappers, Cocona and Papika are desperately searching for a mysterious crystal, the so-called “Shard of Mimi”, with the power to grant all its holder’s wishes. The crystal Cocona and Papika are searching for in Pure Illusion has a different meaning and a different function compared to the one Princess Serenity possesses in Sailor Moon, the amazing, shiny item is the element that connects the two works most visibly, so if you’re fans of the Japanese obsession for female warriors in search for a magic crystal with very special powers, Flip Flappers is the perfect anime for you!

3. Inseparable friends

One of the most appreciated elements in Sailor Moon was no mistaking the relationship between Usagi and her inseparable friends who follow her through all her adventures. In Sailor Moon, Usagi’s role is mostly a solitary battle against the Dark Kingdom, being she is the only one capable of using the Silver Crystal, but Usagi could have never accomplished her mission if it wasn’t for the love and support that her friends were able to guarantee her.

Emotions and friendship are Usagi’s point of strength in Sailor Moon as also in Flip Flappers, with the difference that Cocona and Papika are just a duo, but a well-structured one. What’s really interesting about them is the fact that Cocona is Papika’s specular image and vice versa, with Cocona being the cool and collected one and Papika the more lively and reckless one. Just as Usagi and her friends who were able to compensate each other’s weaknesses, Cocona and Papika are complete and stronger only when they’re together. Love, hate, joy and sorrow, Cocona and Papika will experience all kind of emotions, being able to overcome even the hardest obstacles thanks to the power of their unshakable friendship.

Liked Sailor Moon? Watch Soushin Shoujo Matoi (Matoi the Sacred Slayer)!

Many young people in Japan have a part-time job, but Matoi Sumeragi and Yuma Kusanagi’s jobs are pretty unusual; the two girls are training to become Miko at the Tenman Shrine, and Yuma’s parents are its owners. What Matoi still doesn’t know is that her and her friend’s job won’t be that quite and simple as she has expected. Evil spirits hide in this world and Yuma, as her ancestors before her, was taught a special technique called Taimakō that’s capable of exorcising them. One day on the way back from school, Matoi and Yuma find out the latter’s parents are in pain. With the police officer Shingo--Matoi’s father--involved in the case, the two girls discover a man with an unusual aura. Yuma knows what she has to do. By using a ritual, she tries to exorcise the man, but the unimaginable happens: Matoi suddenly transforms understanding she possesses the power to exorcise evil spirits. Will Yuma be able to go back to that simple life she was yearning to?

Three Major Similarities Between Sailor Moon and Soushin Shoujo Matoi

1. “I Will Triumph Over Evil, and That Means YOU!”

We all know that Sailor Moon and her friends’ task wasn’t just to find the Moon Princess, but also to fight against evil monsters serving the Dark Kingdom. The monsters, just like the Sailor Warriors, had many kind of abilities and one of them was to take over normal people’s bodies and use them to threaten our champions of justice, bringing the chaos in the world. In mahō shōjo anime there’s never a shortage of evil spirits and Sōshin Shōjo Matoi surely isn’t an exception. In fact, fighting bad guys it’s the focal point of the whole anime. Matoi and Yuma’s role is indeed to protect the world from the wicked that are trying to make it fall into darkness and, just as Usagi and her friends, they will have no time to rest! Evil never stops spreading, and Matoi and Yuma will have to bravely fight until their last breath to protect the people they care about!

2. Because Appearances Do Matter!

Who has never wished to be able to transform like Usagi in a beautiful and brave warrior wearing a cute uniform? Well, if you’re fond for Sailor Moon-like transformations, we have good news for you: in Sōshin Shōjo Matoi the main characters possess Sailor Warriors’ same ability to change into defenders of humanity equipped with super lovely dresses! Actually, transformation is a typical element in mahō shōjo anime, but the style of the outfits changes from story to story. And in Sōshin Shōjo Matoi many of you will be happy to know that uniforms are colorful and flashy, in the typical old-school anime style that absolutely reminds you of the Sailor Warriors’! Short skirts, high boots, elegant gloves, shiny jewels, Matoi and Yuma’s outfits has all of that and even more, so thanks to Sōshin Shōjo Matoi you’ll be able to relive the same dreaming excitement Sailor Moon transformations were able to make fans live!

3. You’ll Never Miss Sailor Moon Funny Moments

Sailor Moon’s story was definitely full of bleak moments that sometimes left fans bitter memories. Many have shed tears when Usagi and her friends struggled for humanity’s happiness, but Sailor Moon wasn’t just an anime meant to make its fans cry. In fact it’s quite the contrary! Who doesn’t agree with the fact that Sailor Warriors were all-around good time ladies always ready stick their noses in each other’s personal affairs? Do you remember, for example, when Usagi and the others started to follow Rei everywhere because they were convinced she had found a boyfriend and was trying to hide it from her friends?

Well, you all fan of Sailor Moon funny moments will be more than happy to know that Sōshin Shōjo Matoi is pretty similar to Sailor Moon in this aspect. In episode 1, for example, Matoi and Yuma’s adventures seem to begin in a heavy atmosphere, with a very serious scene of an exorcism, but in a later scene of the same episode the self-proclaimed Priest Cupid, that’s also Yuma’s dad, is trying to sell pictures of himself for two-thousand yen to all the young ladies who are desperately searching for a boyfriend! Sōshin Shōjo Matoi, just as Sailor Moon, is able to mix hilarious moments with fierce bloody battles, and to move people with bittersweet moments… That’s a good reason not to miss it, don’t you think?

Final Thoughts

So, Sailor Moon fans, are you ready to dream again thanks to new beautiful and funny heroines able to change into sexy and brave champions of justice who fight against evil forces for humanity’s sake? Or to fly in the skies of a parallel world with your dearest friend in search for a mysterious crystal? If you’re craving for all this, then it’s time to turn on the TV and watch Soushin Shoujo Matoi and Flip Flappers right now! Don’t forget to let us know about your opinions, comments and suggestions and see you on the next article!
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