Masamune-kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun's Revenge) Announces New Anime OVA

What You Need to Know:

  • Well-liked anime. Masamune-Kun no Revenge (Masamune-kun's Revenge) has announced on its official twitter that the series will be getting an OVA adaptation.
  • The tweet also announced that Monthly Comic REX, the homepage, and the official twitter would be announcing more information in the coming weeks and months about the OVA. No further information has been given. Masamune-kun no Revenge aired Winter 2017 for 1 cour. The story is the following:
  • 8 years ago, Masamune Makabe was bullied by a girl called Aki Adagaki. Now, he’s out for revenge! Reborn as a slimmer, more handsome guy, he’s come back to his hometown. He’s changed his last name and become a totally different person, all for the sake of Operation Dead or Love - a scheme to make Aki fall for him, only to dump her in the most spectacular way.

Source: Official Website

honeys anime character
I just need to know if we are getting more Neko.

honeys anime character
That's a great question! I want to see more myself!

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