Mion or Shion? Which Twin is a True Threat? - Higurashi: When They Cry - NEW Episode 6 Discussion!

Episode 6 of Higurashi: When They Cry - NEW has, once more, shown us that the citizens of Hinamizawa are something else. Keiichi has finally learned that Mion and Shion are indeed two different people—as he was like many viewers thought they were the same person—and he’s beginning to see these twins aren’t the same.

Mion and Shion might look similar but their attitudes are extremely different and that makes us wonder. Who is a greater threat? Is Mion the one we should all be worrying about in this new outing of Higurashi or is Shion the true villainess? Why don’t we discuss episode 6 of Higurashi - NEW and talk about who we feel is the true threat waiting to unleash their killer instinct.

Episode 6 and What We Think so Far

Episode 6 brings us back to Keiichi and his run-in with the bikers whose bikes he accidentally knocked. Luckily, Shion was there with her strange gathering of Hinamizawa citizens to threaten the punks long enough for our police detective Ooishi to arrive. Shion and Keiichi avoid a possible problem and we see our newest girl make some minor moves on our truly ignorant protagonist.

From here, Shion ends up treating Keiichi like a potential boyfriend for the remainder of the episode and, clearly, that riled up our poor Mion as she watches her “friend” get seduced by her cuter twin. This act is quite important to the episode overall as it shows Shion is a bit manipulative attacking her twin where it truly hurts…the heart.

The sixth episode wraps up with the festival happening again but Keiichi doesn’t get to enjoy the festivities as Shion ends up dragging our man away to a strange location. Here, Shion and Keiichi witness Miyo Takano—the nurse from the clinic—and Tomitake breaking into an ancient shrine. We learn from the pair of potential criminals that this shrine contains items only seen by Rika’s family and has intrigued the pair. Keiichi—despite wishing to run for the hills and stay innocent—joins the duo and Shion in entering the shrine as the credits begin to roll.

Why Shion is a Threat

Shion might come across cute and caring, but not only do episodes 5 and 6 prove that she’s hiding a darker side but we can see she’s not afraid of being quite cruel. Mion clearly likes Keiichi beyond friendship and Shion tries to make her twin jealous and feel inferior. Actions like this prove Shion can be a potential threat not only to her sister but possibly Keiichi, who she seems to be manipulating.

Why Mion is a Threat

Mion might have come across as innocent this week by barely being in episode 6, but don’t think we didn’t notice some of her reactions towards her sister and Keiichi. When Mion refused to look at her sister or Keiichi when he was about to hear the Hinamizawa Dam Incident, this showed she had some darkness in her heart. Mion has shown this attitude before in past episodes and if you’re a viewer of the original Higurashi series, then you know what lies behind that tomboyish exterior.

Who is the Greater Threat

Putting aside our knowledge of the previous When They Cry series, episode 6 shows that Shion could be the true terror of the twins. Shion not only seems to pretend to be weak when the situation arises but she has power over the citizens of her small village. That combined with her lack of worry means she might put the cast into a dangerous situation in the next episode that could make her the new killer of Higurashi: When They Cry - NEW. In our minds, Mion could turn it around and show a side we haven’t seen yet but for now, Shion looks to be scarier.

Final Thoughts

The twins have—in the past—proven that they aren’t as carefree and silly as they act. Will this new season—or remake—of Higurashi prove us wrong or will the twins go even beyond our imagination? Share your theories in the comments below! Stay tuned for even more coverage of Higurashi: When They Cry - NEW from our non-scary hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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