Mob Psycho 100 III First Impression - More Mob? Yes, Please!

Mob-Psycho-100-III-wallpaper-4-700x394 Mob Psycho 100 III First Impression - More Mob? Yes, Please!

Everyone’s favorite stoic but powerful psychic is back! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Mob Psycho has returned for a third season and our hive here at Honey’s Anime is doing our best to try and mirror Mob’s powers. We are legit trying to make our coffee cups move toward our hands with no luck... Anyways, Mob Psycho 100 III was announced a while back and now in Fall 2022, we have so much to talk about in this third outing. Is Mob Psycho 100 III worth watching or should the 100% powerhouse take a much-needed vacation? We find out in our first impression of Mob Psycho 100 III! Seriously, why can Mob make psychic powers look so easy!?

What We Need Are Powerful Psychics!

One of the best elements of Mob Psycho has always been the solid fights, the fact that our main man Shigeo Kageyama—Mob as he goes by—kicks butt, and the fact that Mob gets even stronger when his internal emotions hit 100% and trigger new powers. Mob Psycho 100 III hasn’t disappointed in that regard with some solid supernatural battles already. We don’t know how many more episodes remain of this third season but if it’s like the past seasons, we expect the last several episodes to really push the battles into some amazing territories that we can’t wait for!

Similar Art, Stronger Animation

You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking the art for Mob Psycho 100 III hasn’t changed over the last few years…because you wouldn’t be wrong. Mob Psycho 100 III looks like the last two but that is what we love, the original designs and uniqueness. However, what has clearly changed is the animation which looks way better. Episode 5 really proved that with Mob facing a new threat within the giant Broccoli Tree and wow…we were floored with how clean the animation looked.

That Comedy Still Makes Us Laugh

Despite being occasionally serious—Mob’s struggle to wonder what his future will be—Mob Psycho 100 III still has some great comedy. Watching one of our favorite non-psychics Arataka Reigen joke about how he still is the most powerful warrior despite having no abilities and hasn’t grown old, and equally seeing Mob literally go 100% after a comment about his shirt was just tear-inducing. Maybe the comedy won’t land for every single viewer but surprisingly, there’s always one joke or a strange moment in Mob Psycho 100 III that just made us laugh and that is what we love about this series.

Mob…You Don’t Change Do You?

There are five episodes of Mob Psycho 100 III out as of writing this impression and let’s be frank, this series hasn’t changed for three seasons. Every episode still utilizes the same format and while this isn’t a BAD thing, it has begun to feel very repetitive. We like how Mob has begun to grow up as a character and those around him are finally starting to see his true power but the format is still relatively the same which worries us for the later episodes.

Final Thoughts

Mob Psycho 100 III takes the phrase “don’t fix what isn’t broken” to new levels. While the episode format and themes have largely remained the same, the visuals have been amped up and the characters are finally beginning to demonstrate more humanity than in the past two seasons. Mob has begun to grow and we love how it shows from the way he talks to the way he interacts with others. We don’t know if the series will get worse or better from here on out but we have confidence this series will continue to be enjoyable no matter what!

Are you digging Mob Psycho 100 III or have clashing feelings about this third entry in the story? Why not leave a comment below to let us know? Don’t be away from our non-psychic hive here at Honey’s Anime for too long! We have plenty more anime to cover from this Fall 2022 anime season that you won’t want to miss!

Mob-Psycho-100-III-wallpaper-4-700x394 Mob Psycho 100 III First Impression - More Mob? Yes, Please!


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