Mob Psycho 100 II Review - People Need Other People.

Mob-Psycho-100-crunchyroll-Wallpaper Mob Psycho 100 II Review - People Need Other People.

People Need Other People.

  • Episodes : 13
  • Genre : Action, Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural
  • Airing Date : January 2019 – April 2019
  • Producers : Bones

Contains Spoilers

Mob Psycho II Introduction and Story

If you haven’t seen season one of Mob Psycho 100, go watch that first as this season is a direct continuation. Mob Psycho 100 II picks up with Reigen and Mob taking on some jobs as usual. However, Mob slowly begins to realize that he wants a normal junior high school life and to do things with his friends, which Dimple encourages him to do. When Reigen doesn’t realize this and insensitively tells Mob that his friends aren’t his friends and are just using him, Mob quits working at the Spirits and Such Consultation Office for a while and Reigen is left to his own devices to make a name for himself, which he does. After Reigen spectacularly makes a fool of himself on live television, he and Mob come to terms. At the same time the leader of Claw, Toichiro Suzuki, is beginning his plan for world domination.

Everything has been building up to Mob becoming a mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger boy and all the little things that we’ve seen all the way from episode one of season one come back to this season finale. Mob has solidified his relationship with his brother Ritsu, he’s come to terms with wanting to tell Tsubomi how he feels, and he is in more control of his powers than ever before. On top of that, he wants to help others, especially misguided espers, and show them that powers don’t make them better than others. The epic boss fight at the end of the series really highlights Mob’s metamorphosis and is everything viewers want it to be.

Why You Should Watch Mob Psycho II

1. The Fight Scenes are Fantastic.

Watching Mob fight is one of the best parts about the show. In season two, we saw Mob fight the powerful ghost of Mogami in episode 4. Later, Mob becomes enraged when he thinks his family is killed and takes the fight to other espers in a big way, leading to the visually stunning fight with Toichiro Suzuki. The animation is done well and it’s exciting to watch.

2. Mob Grows as a Person.

Throughout the show, Mob has some quirks but mostly doesn’t change unless something big happens. This season, we see Mob actively trying to improve himself. In episode 3, Mob refuses to exorcize the ghost family as they’re living there peacefully and in episode 8, he trains for the marathon and wants to finish in the top ten on his own merit.

3. Mob’s Countdown.

Don’t think for a second that this anime is all happy and heartwarming. Violence and dark themes permeate the show with scenes like Mob’s family possibly being engulfed in flames. Mob losing control is a defining aspect and watching all the little things (or one big thing) build up to make him lose it is ironically enjoyable.

Why You Should Skip Mob Psycho 100 II

1. Mob is a Boring Character.

Out of all the characters on the show, Mob is the one with the least personality, least variety of facial expressions, and slow character development. For the protagonist, he hardly lets us in on what he’s thinking and viewers are often left to guess what’s going on in his head. Plus, his unwillingness to use his powers for some things is a bit of a letdown.

2. The Are Cliffhangers Galore.

Right at the end of a nice, heartwarming episode, you have something gut-wrenching happen to Mob. Whether it’s Mob getting trapped in his own mind and having to fight Mogami or becoming so enraged at his family possibly being dead that his meter goes off the charts, we’re left to wait for the next episode to see what happens.

3. Slice of Life and Cringey Moments Aren’t Your Thing.

Mob is a super esper trying to live a normal life. Stupid things happen to him or around him, like a cult being built up with him as the leader unbeknownst to Mob. Then there’s watching Reigen building himself up and him crashing and burning on live television without Mob there to pick him up. There are some things that are just hard to get through.

Final Thoughts

Mob’s just a junior high school kid with a weak body, a crush on his popular childhood friend, and is underpaid at his part-time job. Oh, and he’s an esper. This show might not be for you if you don’t like slice of life episodes mixed in with the supernatural elements and fighting scenes. Mob Psycho II is a continuation of Mob’s journey to self-improvement. After figuring out how to become who he wants to be, he’s realized that the most important reason he’s come so far are all the people he had to support him.

With important life lessons throughout, Mob’s journey to becoming a better person is something easy to resonate with. If you’ve seen Mob Psycho 100 II and think there’s something important that we’ve missed, or if you think the cheesy moments detract from the message, leave a comment down below!

Mob-Psycho-100-crunchyroll-Wallpaper Mob Psycho 100 II Review - People Need Other People.


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