Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Review - Some Monsters You Don’t Mind in the Bedroom

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Romance, Seinen
  • Airing Date : Jul 8, 2015 to Sep 23, 2015
  • Producers : Sentai Filmworks, Lerche, TOHO animation

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

It turns out Monsters are real, and they’re actually kind of cute. Kurusu Kimihto volunteers to take part in an the Cultural Exchange Between Species act, and act as a host family to Monsters. He takes in Miia, a snake-like Lamia. Unfortunately, both he and Miia become incredibly attracted to one another, but the law is against inter species dating! When Kurusu takes in more wards, his situation doesn’t get any easier…

What is Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Like? This Anime is for people like what?

How much do you like fan-service? You hate it? Steer-clear then. Do you love it? Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn and just remember, your ancestors are watching whatever you do in heaven so don’t do anything too unseemly. Are you ambivalent about fan-service? Well then, take a seat yourself. MonMusu is a fresh take on the Harem Anime genre, and you might enjoy yourself along the ride.

What’s so appealing about this piece of work.

While MonMusu is 110% lewd, and not afraid to show it, it doesn’t feel one dimensional. I feel like there’s more the show offers than just girls in revealing clothing. MonMusu actually has a lot of heartfelt moments, and you’ll care for the characters in time. It’s also funny the whole way through, and seems to poke enough fun at itself it hard to deny the series has got some real charm.

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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Main Characters List

Kurusu Kimihito

Voice Actor :Majima, Junji

Kurusu is an unassuming guy who just wants to help out the new interspecies exchange monsters. He might be getting a little more than he bargained for with some of his new housemates. They really throw him around a lot, and put him in a lot of compromising situations. Thankfully, Kurusu is a good enough guy to always look out for them


Voice Actor :Amamiya, Sora

Miia is a Lamia, a sort of snake/human hybrid. She comes to stay with Kurusu via the exchange bill and loves him to death. Always calling him Darling, Miia has her eyes set on Kurusu. She’ll do whatever it takes to win him over and make her happy! However, to do so, she’ll have to contend with some rivals!

Contains Spoilers

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Review

MonMusu is, in some ways, a pretty straight forward fanservice anime in that it’s pretty unashamed and open about it. If you’re unsure about how far as a fanservice anime this goes, just watch the first scene of the very first episode. The Scene with Miia and Kurusu in bed demonstrates early on that the show is perfectly fine with dialing the lewdness up to 11.

And if you’re not prepared for it, you’ll want to stay far, far away, but if you can get past it, then you might be in for an enjoyable ride. Expect highly sexual situations, a high percentage of time, but also a bit of a different, and slightly more intelligent feel than many of it’s genre contemporaries.

The first half of the show revolves around the main character meeting the new girls. We get to learn about who they are, where they came from and how their particular non-human species functions. This leads to all of the typical harem situations. You have jealousy, In-fighting, silly plots to try to win the main character’s attention, the whole 9 yards. There’s a lot about MonMusu in and of itself that’s pretty typical to harem shows. This may be one of the reasons it’s a genre I typically stay away from, but the idea of ‘Monster Girls’ in and of itself is what makes MonMusu worth a watch.

Now if Monster Girls is something you’re, ahem, In to, then you don’t need me to tell you to watch the show. If that’s what gets you going, then the fact that someone took it and made it into a fanservice harem show is enough of a selling point. However, for those whom find this particular territory unfamiliar, the idea of monster girls is so silly and so ridiculous in and of itself it makes the entire series and it’s harem tropes much easier to enjoy.

Take for example the Fact that there’s a character who’s literally a ‘slime’, basically some sort of gelatinous biped which regularly traps other characters in it’s own body, most of the time without realizing it, and brings them frighteningly close to drowning multiple times. In addition to characters such as this you have a centaur, harpy, snake girl, spider girl and a mermaid.

If some of the harem tropes that you see repeated time and time again are fully present here, the fact that the cast is what it is is enough to make this show feel refreshing. Even aside from them being monster girls, the personalities are all diverse and pretty well handled. They each have enough to like about them to have you involved from some sort of angle. Even when you dislike one, you may like one of the girls that’s in conflict with them. Of the characters, Miia and Centorea are probably getting the bulk of the time, along with Rachnera in the later parts of the show.

MonMusu is a comedy show, and it delivers enough laughs to make coming back week after week more of a joy and less of an obligation. A lot of the humor is very physical in nature, almost slapstick. Although often times it draws on the over the top premise itself. The show is generally good about having comedy from different angles, and it doesn’t really feel one-note or overused. The show isn’t afraid to be over the top raunchy, such as the scene with Papi and the Ice-cream.

Often times, it seems that it’s play on typical harem situations, but the fact that the cast is what it is, monster girls, really sends everything in a new direction. In the end, MonMusu is funny, and you’re laughing enough to want to come back on a weekly basis.

Moreover, it actually demonstrates self-awareness from time to time. Characters such as the sleazy director who wants to videotape Papi the Harpy and Miia based on a creepy, voyeuristic desire sometimes feel as a parody of the viewer itself. There’s also a moment where the Main Character jokingly laments that there weren’t situations where there wasn’t a desire to see males exposed in the same manner as the female cast.

Finally, there’s a show where Non-human men, orcs, take control of a Doujinshi shop and seem a half play and half parody of the idea of the gross, unkempt and unreserved Otaku. I’m not suggesting MonMusu Is deconstructing the Harem Genre, only that, all the while being shamelessly, almost proudly self-indulgent, it isn’t afraid to laugh at itself about how far it goes, and might not be afraid to poke fun at it’s audience along the waty.

Furthermore, one of the things I wasn’t expecting about MonMusu is that It can actually be very heartfelt and endearing. In varying scenes, often times the monster characters will feel out of place, ashamed and afraid in the human world and culture. This is often due in part to the unsavory elements within that culture. Busybodies, thieves, bullies, general jerks and miscreants, all seemingly want to get in a dig at the expense of the monster girls.

It’s a nice feeling to be wanted and liked when it seems no one else does, and the show routinely cashes in on this innately relatable desire without feeling one-note or exploitative. You can tell that Kurusu really does care for all of his wards. This heartfelt character interaction isn’t just limited to the main character and the girls. Many of them form friendships with each other, and you can tell there’s a kind of group camaraderie between them all.

In the presentation department, the production values aren’t really high enough to give it a memorable soundtrack. It’s not that I was really expecting a good score or that the show really needed one to succeed in what it was going for though, so it’s kind of easy to let it slide. As far as animation goes, it’s pretty nondescript most of the time, all though there are a number of really well animated scenes in the finale that put a nice little bow on the whole package.

1. The Girls

Well, this is a harem show after all! MonMusu has a pretty great cast. Though I have my particular favorite, all of them are pretty loveable enough in the end. They’re different from your typical harem cast for a number of reason, some of which are obvious enough!

2. Getting to Know Different Species

MonMusu has a pretty diverse list of monster-species in it’s universe. More over, they’re written with enough care to make them all pretty interesting. It’s a treat to see the different characteristics and personalities imbued in each different group of Monsters.

3. The Lewdness

Hey, it’s funny as hell! MonMusu really doubles down on the lewd factor, and doesn’t pull any punches with it. It makes for some comically extreme situations that make you want to come back week after week.

In conclusion, MonMusu is a show that will initially turn a lot of people away. It’s lewd, and proud about it, and for those who find that as an inherent deal breaker, they probably won’t give this much thought. But for those who enjoy this style, well, there’s definitely a lot of it to enjoy. But for those who aren’t really against the idea of fanservice shows, but don’t get themselves all dizzy thinking about them, there’s definitely enough to enjoy here.

MonMusu is funny, bizarre at times heartfelt and seemingly a parody if itself and it’s genre and above all, memorable. It’s not reinventing the wheel, but it’s fresh enough to make it well worth the watch.

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