Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory - Enter the Megami Dorm at Your Own Risk!

Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun. (Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory) is the story of down-on-his-luck Koushi being rescued from starvation by 5 goddesses in the Megami Dorm. The anime begins with Koushi being abandoned by his father after their house burns down and the poor boy getting sick from eating scraps. When a big-boobied beauty turns up and offers him a place to stay, it seems almost too good to be true. The show needs some kind of conflict, however, and it turns out one of the dorm residents gets dizzy spells and nosebleeds around males!

Why You Might Like It

Beautiful Characters: Every harem anime needs a cast of beautiful women but the character designs and animation are a step above your regular ecchi! Atena is a pink-haired angel with expressive blue eyes and is a stylish dresser. Then you have your kung-fu tomboy Kiriya, mature but reckless researcher Mineru, cosplay hottie Frey, and kuudere Serene that seems to exude the beauty of the moon. They’re all fun characters despite being pretty archetypal. But there’s a scene in episode 2 where Serene makes a ‘pact’ with Koushi and then seems to have a bunny tail and ears in the light of the moon! Who’s to say if that was a dream or reality… but hopefully further episodes will reveal Serene’s true form!

Instant Nudity: They don’t wait for a comedic scene or accidental groping to show off these hotties’ bodies. The very first second of the anime is three gorgeous girls naked in the bath. While boobie physics are definitely present, they’re calm enough to add emphasis without being distracting (in a bad way) or over the top. All the girls have nice bodies and with Kiriya and Mineru particularly being comfortable with nudity, we get to see a good bit of them every episode! A lot of the nudity is rooted in some gag or set up but there are quite a few steamy scenes you can just enjoy for the hotness.

Why You Might Want to Stay Away

Age: Our male protagonist Koushi is just a wee one at 12 years old. While a lot of the explicit scenes are more accidental in nature, it still feels weird for non-shota fans to see Koushi so frequently end up between the girls’ legs or boobs. On top of that, the other characters are in college so it’s a pretty big age gap. A middle-schooler taking care of clumsy adults is a funny set up but the sexual tension can be a put-off.

Incestual Implications: While it can be a kink to some, others don’t like any mention of sibling complexes. None of the characters are related which can be a saving grace but after everyone seems to react strongly to Koushi calling them ‘big sister’, that might ruin it. The scene where Kiriya puts Koushi in an armlock and moans about how good it feels to have their limbs intertwined as she did with her brothers teeters between hilarious and uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

As an ecchi harem, the show is off to a great start. The girls are beautiful, desirable, and often naked! The connections between the girls and Koushi are all unique and help make it feel more natural than just ecchi protag powers. The age thing combined with the little brother complex can be a bit much to some viewers so it’s not a great recommendation for just anyone. Do you think Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory will continue to entertain viewers or become more difficult to watch? Let us know in the comments!

Megami-ryou-no-Ryoubo-kun-Wallpaper-5-700x392 Mother of the Goddess' Dormitory - Enter the Megami Dorm at Your Own Risk!


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