My Wandering Warrior Existence [Manga] Review - A Unique View of Love and Marriage

A Unique View of Love and Marriage
  • Mangaka : Nagata Kabi
  • Publisher : Seven Seas Entertainment
  • Genre : Autobiography, Full-Color
  • Published : March 15, 2022

Love problems are something that everyone has wrestled with one way or another. It is, after all, a concept that has no concrete explanation no matter how many attempts we make - it’s simply something that can be interpreted in multitudes of ways. As naturally curious beings who also seek to belong, it is normal for humans, even those who normally are not attracted to other humans, to wonder what exactly love is. Of course, the great Nagata Kabi is no exception to that, and she shares with us her struggle with it through My Wandering Warrior Existence. Here’s what we think about the manga.

Contains Spoilers

Discussion Time

Typical of a Nagata Kabi manga, My Wandering Warrior Existence is yet another autobiographical manga. This time, she details her struggle as she attempts to satiate her strong urge to love and to be loved. But, as we know about Nagata-sensei’s life from her previous works, that is easier said than done. After all, she has no partner, no dating experience, and also has very limited sexual encounters.

Why You Should Read My Wandering Warrior Existence

1. Unique and Eye-opening Point of View

For those who are familiar with Nagata-sensei’s works – My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, My Solo Exchange Diary, and My Alcoholic Escape from Reality – My Wandering Warrior Existence is a welcome addition to her highly-acclaimed writings. For the uninitiated, this manga is a sight of wonder.

Because of her previous experiences, Nagata-sensei has developed a rather unique process of enlightening herself. She does her best to break out of her mold as she attempts to attain her goals, though that sometimes leads to unsightly results. Nonetheless, her thought processes are always entertaining and also enlightening, not only for her but also for her readers.

2. Introspection Down to the Finer Details

One thing that’s clear at this point is that Nagata-sensei delves deep into her mind. She does a lot of introspection, and she clearly has a talent for relaying it through her illustrations. She can clearly put her thought process onto paper, giving her audience clear visuals of what’s happening inside her mind. For example, she tries to figure out the reason why she isn’t experiencing love in the manga. She initially attributes it to experiencing sexual assault as a child, but she later on dismisses it as she knows other people who have similar experiences eventually find a partner and get married. And so, she starts to break it down further. As to how… you’ll have to read the manga to know.

Because of Nagata-sensei’s deep and clear introspection, readers who have experienced similar difficulties can easily empathize with her decisions and conclusions. However, her musings can get a bit messy and disjointed at times. But hey, who doesn’t do that sometimes, right?

Why You Should Skip My Wandering Warrior Existence

1. A Short Recollection of Sexual Assault

My Wandering Warrior Existence features a brief recollection of Nagata-sensei’s experience with sexual assault during her childhood years. She has made sure to indicate when the recollection is about to take place, so readers who are uncomfortable with such content may skip it. We are also not necessarily telling you to drop the manga because of this, but we believe it is only appropriate to provide a fair warning.

Final Thoughts

Nagata-sensei does not fail to offer a point of view that is outside of traditional convention. Similar to her previous works, My Wandering Warrior Existence contains a short journey to her small enlightenment – or at least the process of her attempting to get there – and we love it. Nagata-sensei has a way of storytelling that instantly hooks her readers through intrigue and later on relatability, which takes the reading experience to a personal level.

Have you already read My Wandering Warrior Existence? If so, tell us your thoughts about it. If not, feel free to share with us whether or not you feel like picking it up.

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