Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-) Review – "An Enlightening Experience!"

NAMUAMIDA-BUTSU-Rendai-UTENA-dvd-354x500 Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-) Review – "An Enlightening Experience!"

An Enlightening Experience!

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Fantasy
  • Airing Date : April 2019 – June 2019
  • Producers : Asahi Production

Contains Spoilers

Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-) Introduction and Story

The path through life is a colorful one. There's pain, sorrow, and challenges, but there is also solace, euphoria, and triumph. Many look for answers in religion, hoping that certain teachings can guide or explain why circumstances occur. Followers of the fourth largest religion believe that humankind's existence requires spiritual development leading to a deep intuitive understanding. Change and improving yourself further expands qualities such as wisdom, awareness and kindness.

Set postbellum, a young prince obtained Buddhist enlightenment becoming Shaka Nyorai. From this event, he brought a crumbling, conflicted world into a semblance of order. Peace was restored.

Much time has passed since this phenomenon and the world once again is experiencing devolution, entering an age of decadence, corruption, and moral decay. Humankind is drawn to vice because of Mara, the entity who is the essence and embodiment of evil and darkness and who seeks to destroy Shaka's age of enlightenment and peace. To bring the world to harmony, divine beings Taishakuten and Bonten must join forces with the Thirteen Buddhas. Will the world break immorally or is there light and hope left for humanity?

Why You Should Watch Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-)

1. Lessons in Theology

Namu Ami uses knowledge and practices from Buddhism. Viewers who align with this religion may find several components accurate, and others who are unaware could learn a great deal from this series. In the world of anime, production studios must constantly reinvent pieces of Japanese history to gain viewers' interests, all the while providing a little enlightenment. Encompassing elements of modern-day life, as well as different aspects of Buddha, Namu Ami demonstrates that the age-old conflict of good versus evil can only have one victor. Furthermore, humankind can find hope that the world can thrive without conflict. Additionally, society can benefit from positivity and individuals can continue to strive for improvement.

2. Fighting Never Looked So Good

Bishounen fans will enjoy Namu Ami. There's nothing more satisfying than sexy guys fighting for a heroic cause. The Thirteen Buddhas are determined to rid the world of Mara, the Devil, and all things evil. They'll do anything to defend Shaka, and they do it beautifully! Viewers will enjoy the impressive battle scenes and intense confrontations. All in all, sexy guys fighting one another is something that can't be missed!

Why You Should Skip Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-)

1. The Direction is Uncertain

Namu Ami majorly hints that the story will exhibit the "good versus evil" plot. As such, we expect that somewhere in between start to finish, the story will show us in-depth about how this is achieved. However, Namu Ami is episodic instead of a solid, fluid narrative. Like most anime in this genre, the highlight is in the interactions that these beautiful boys have with one another. It is obvious that this is a major reason for its appeal, but it would have been nice if these hunks showed some substance.

2. Minimal Character Development

Namu Ami has a lot of great qualities, such as comedic moments, cool battle sequences, and people and events stemming from core spiritual belief. However, this anime could have expanded more to establish development for its characters. If Namu Ami intends to focus on Buddha's thirteen traits and their interactions, the story and characters should do so. Namu Ami seems to target some guys over others and the imbalance demonstrates that the cast list should be shorter for them to have more depth and personality.

Final Thoughts

So, friends, we've reached the end. Is Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena eye-candy or is it something you'd pass on? We at Honey's highly recommend you watch this anime if you enjoy a historical, fantasy bishounen. Let us know what you all think by leaving your suggestions and comments! Thanks, and see ya!

NAMUAMIDA-BUTSU-Rendai-UTENA-dvd-354x500 Namu Amida Butsu!: Rendai Utena (Namuamidabutsu! –Utena-) Review – "An Enlightening Experience!"


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