Nijiiro Days Announces Live Action Movie

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What You Need to Know:

  • Minami Mizuno's creation Nijiiro Days has announced that it will be getting a live action movie today. It was published from 2012-2017 by Shuueisha and recceived an anime adaptation in 2016.
  • Tsuyoshi Naoe will by played by Mahiro Takasugi, Natsuki Hashiba will be played by Reo Sano, Tomoya Matsunaga will be played by Taishi Nakgawa, and Keiichi Katakura by Ryuusei Yokohama. You can see a visual below of them!
  • The director will be Ken Iizuka, and the script will be handled by Rika Nezu. It is tentatively planned for a debut next summer in 2018.

honeys anime character
This must mean that the franchise is over...

honeys anime character
!!! What did we do to deserve this!?