NOMAD: MEGALOBOX 2 (MEGALOBOX Season 2: NOMAD) First Impressions: Time to Enter the Ring Once Again!?

MEGALOBOX season released in 2018 and delivered an epic boxing anime that had incredible retro animation and a story that was quite amazing! Luckily, we fans here at Honey’s Anime only had to wait a few years for a sequel story in the form of MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD. This new season isn’t what we expected changing the theme of the original story and returning us to the world of Joe but in a surprising manner. Is Joe’s new battle worth entering or should you just end the series in your heart with the first season? Let us examine the world of MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD in our first impressions!

Joe’s New Bout

At the end of MEGALOBOX season one, Joe was the Megalobox champion defeating the previous winner Yuri and securing his name in the world of boxing. Unfortunately, Joe’s fame would be short-lived as events—that aren’t fully clear yet—caused him to turn his back on the spotlight boxing world and go back to the underground he originally thrived in as Junk Dog. Now known as Nomad, Joe’s skills have seemed to stay but underneath his fighting prowess lies a demon due to a new drug addiction Joe has taken on. This Joe isn’t the one we saw from the first season but it creates a new setting that has been interesting so far!

A Star No More

MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD has done something we’ve seen in the legendary Rocky movies. Rather than have Joe retake his place as the original star, season 2 has Joe take a backseat—at least in episodes 2 and 3—to a fighter Joe took on in the past season. Known as Chief, this boxer from another land has to save his new home—filled with a bunch of nomad-like folk looking for a settlement to call their own—by winning a large MEGALOBOX tournament. Joe is presently struggling with his ghosts of the past—both literally and physically—so he’s acting as a second for Chief to help him accomplish his goal! Will Joe retake the main man role or will he stay as a secondary for the remainder of Nomad? We shall no doubt find out soon seeing as how episode 3 ends on a big cliffhanger!

Darker Tone Proves Effective

MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD wasted no time in showing this second season is made to be darker than the upbeat first season. Gone are the days we saw Joe come back as the constant underdog and now we have a champion that has fallen to very real-world demons. What happened to Joe to cause this shift? We know one reason but the bigger and darker tale hasn’t been fully explained but it has us quite immersed! We are digging this new edgier tone of MEGALOBOX and we doubt many will disagree with that thought!

Great New Cast

MEGALOBOX season 2 has kept our attention by giving us a new cast of primary characters—with only a small appearance by older faces—which makes this feel like a different story entirely. Joe is undoing his greatness due to the apparent loss of his original team—which we won’t spoil what happened to them fully—and now is going back into the shady world of underground bouts. Joe will need his new allies to reclaim his original champion status but can he when a slew of new enemies have become determined to take down his new accommodations and friends?

Final Thoughts

MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD has proven to be a quite entertaining second season and we are excited to see what other surprises this serious will unleash on us! Are you enjoying NOMAD or have different opinions than our own? Leave a comment below to let us know down below! Stick with us for even more coverage of MEGALOBOX 2: NOMAD done by our boxing-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Megalo-Box-2-Wallpaper NOMAD: MEGALOBOX 2 (MEGALOBOX Season 2: NOMAD) First Impressions: Time to Enter the Ring Once Again!?


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