Norn 9 Norn + Nornet - Anime Winter 2016

Norn9-Norn-Nonet-dvd-300x404 Norn 9 Norn + Nornet - Anime Winter 2016

Norn9-Norn-Nonet-dvd-300x404 Norn 9 Norn + Nornet - Anime Winter 2016

Norn 9 Norn + Nornet


Fantasy, Shoujo, Romance, Adventure

Airing Date:
January 7, 2016

Kinema Citrus, Orange


Sorata Suzuhara was an everyday normal boy until one day, guided by a song, he suddenly time jumps from the Heisei Era (Modern Day) to the far future where everyone lives in homes that look like they are from the Meiji or Taisho Era. Sorata then meets three girls with three male companions each as he joins them on their journey on the Norn ship. The strange things is, is that it’s a giant globe that floats in midair.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Sorata Suzuhara

Voice Actor: Atsushi Abe

Sorata is from the Heisei Era (aka current day) who somehow was transported through time to the Norn. He now travels with theother members and he gets along well with Hiyoko.


Voice Actor: Ayumi Fujimura

Koharu is a well-mannered, pure, and bright girl. Because she has lived alone for so long, she has not been called by anyone and thus has forgotten her own name. Because she doesn’t want to make anyone upset, she goes to great lengths to hide her power. She meets the “traveler” man who has boarded the ship. She has been told that if she can board the ship now that she is 17, she will be able to run away finally.

Kakeru Yuiga

Voice Actor: Yuuki Kaji

Kakeru is a seemingly friendly, good young man, but on one hand, he is able to use his charm and wit to manipulate others. However, he is not totally without any negativity whatsoever. He corners crew members who find him mean. When he does, he turns into a massive sadist and so some label him as malicious. He is overflowing with leadership capabilities but also one of the most difficult members living on the train.

Senri Ichinose

Voice Actor: Hiro Shimono

Senri is a bishonen who has a bit of a negative personality due to being hurt by an adult in his past. Due to this he also is unable to trust others. He’s also bad at dealing with others so he tends to avoid public spaces and spends large amounts of time locked up in his room. He is able to be drawn out of his room but then he fights like cats and dogs with Kakeru.

Masamune Toya

Voice Actor: Takuya Sato

Masamune is the oldest member of the group so everyone tends to view him as an older brother and bring him their problems. He’s intelligent but a bit clumsy. When he plays mediator for fights and arguments, he tends to give out rather unpleasant punishments and decisions. He loves to read so he is very bright. In order to control his powers, he tends to wear a glove on his right hand.

Mikoto Kuga

Voice Actor: Ayahi Takagaki

Mikoto was born with a silver spoon in her mouth to nobles. She treasures those around her. She does have her high-handed moments, but she also has a very strong sense of responsibility to the point that it becomes a pain. For her power, Mikoto is in charge of creating the barrier around Norn and defending against exterior enemies. You could say that she is what keeps Norn alive and safe.

Natsuhiko Azuma

Voice Actor: Daisuke Ono

Natsuhiko has come to Norn from the outside and become an ability wielder. He has a cool and quite personality and he ever raises his voice. He has is unwavering in his cool personality and has a relaxed demeanor towards everyone. He is good with machines and inventions, so he works as the ships repair specialist.

Sakuya Nijou

Voice Actor: Mitsuki Saiga

Sakuya is a nice boy who has a soft and gentle demeanor. He is a gentleman with the ladies and is in touch with his sensitive side. Mikoto is one of his childhood friends and to Sakuya, she is the most important person. However, he does have a jealous side and for those he finds unpleasant, he quietly gets angry at them and has been known to hit them on occasion. His hobbies are making predictions that do not come true and riddles.

Itsuki Kagami

Voice Actor: Koji Yusa

Itsuki likes to play around and puts of a front of lies and jokes in order to conceal his real feelings. He grew up in the red-light district and as such he grew up surrounded by women and he knows how to manage them. He has that baggage so he is constantly supporting Mikoto. He supports peace among the other members and cooperates with them on other things.

Nanami Shiranui

Voice Actor: Asami Seto

Nanami has descended from a long line of traditional fighters that liked in secret for eons. She excels at physical power, she can hide her presence, and she uses a kunai. She tends to bury her emotions, and she is bad at expressing her will. She barely let’s her emotions show, so she doesn’t speak a lot. She likes to cook but she has yet to make something amazing.

Akito Shukuri

Voice Actor: Noriaki Sugiyama

Akito seems to be angry a lot of the time and pouts frequently. He becomes hostile easily and he loathes being teased. However, at his core he is a genuine person and if he is asked to do something, he will not refuse. He is good at cooking and cooks for the other members. He hates birds.

Ron Muroboshi

Voice Actor: Tomokazu Sugita

Ron wears sunglasses to create a mysterious aura around himself to the point where it is difficult for others to discern what he is thinking. He can be nice, but where he came from, how he grew up, and things about himself, are completely unknown. He does not talk about himself. He doesn’t even make an effort to remember people’s names which tends to irritate those around him.

Heishi Otomaru

Voice Actor: Hiroyuki Yoshino

Heishi has a bright personality and doesn’t hide anything so he tends to set the mood for his team. Even if he is in an unpleasant situation, he knows how to turn his feelings around into positive ones. He can use telepathy but he does hide it. The reason being, if he does, sometimes, he has a problem retuning to where he wants to go and he will get distracted by others voices. This tends to end up making the girls mad at him.

Promotional Videos / PV

Other TitleNORN9ノルン+ノネット, Norn9: Norun + Nonetto, Norn9: Norn + Nonette
Airing Info

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Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kazakiri by Nagi Yanagi
  • Ending Song: Zero to Kei by Kaori Oda
Visual Novel

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Otomate
  • Director: Takao Abo
  • Assistant Director: Tetsuo Ichimura
  • Series Composition: Natsuko Takahashi
  • Character Design: Yukari Takeuchi, Tomoko Sato
  • Animation Director: Yukari Takeuchi
  • Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
  • Original Illustrator: Teita

For more information: Official Website

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