Top 10 Adventurous Norn9: Norn+Nonet Characters

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Humans have always wondered what it would be like if we could fly. In fairy tales like Peter Pan, there is a flying ship that can take you to other worlds or even dimensions. The Japanese imagination does not fall behind. That is why we had an anime called Norn9: Norn+Nornet. Maybe too brief for our taste, but if you really do not have much time to watch anime and want a cramped burrito-show with all the action, adventure, romance and magic packed in there, we have this alternative. Set in a future where everything is set to be destroyed, there is only one way to go back and reset time, on the ship called Norn9...

Conceived as a game by Ayane Ushio, it became an anime by the studio Kinema Citrus. What several fans agree about is that the strongest point of Norn9 (besides its flying farm-ship) is its distinctive cast of characters. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s all go on board to visit the most adventurous characters of this anime!

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Go and watch Norn9 first or read at your own risk.

10. Sakuya

Meet the most excellent gentleman in the ship Norn9! He is famous for treating the girls kindly. However, he will always have a special soft spot for his childhood friend, Mikoto (one of the female protagonists). Sakuya’s hobbies include making fortune predictions that do not become true and giving riddles to people.

Although not as adventurous as the other Norn9 characters we will present here, Sakuya has his moments. When Mikoto is in real danger, he does not hesitate to do what is needed to protect her. Sakuya will risk his life for Mikoto if necessary! So, although he might look as a soft guy, Sakuya can also give us surprises.

9. Ron

This guy is the oldest amongst the crew of Norn9. Apparently, he can not remember names well… and he does not interact much with anyone. A mysterious calm and collected guy, Ron hardly talks about himself. He also encourages Nanami (one of the female protagonists) kindly, like when he suggested she should try to make friends.

The reason why we say Ron is adventurous is because he is a traitor playing a dangerous game. Although he has his reasons, of course. Anyway, what Ron did was not nice, especially because the crew of Norn9 becomes more stressed as a result of his act of treason, but it plays on his adventurous side. Bad Ron 🙁

8. Heishi

Meet the emotional support team of the crew! Honestly, Heishi is the psychologist, cheerleader and best friend we could wish for. It greatly helps that his special ability is telepathy, a power he uses to communicate with many people at the same time. Highly empathic, Heishi will be the first one to switch the mood when something awful or stressful is going on.

One of the reasons why we say Heishi is adventurous is because he was abandoned by his parents when he was young. Yes, Heishi’s powers have been a blessing but also a curse. As result, Heishi travelled throughout the world and learnt to play the flute to earn his bread. That is why he is so carefree and keen on adventure.

7. Itsuki

This guy is the opposite of Heishi, although Itsuki is good friends with Heishi. Itsuki is a playful guy who tells lies while hiding his true thoughts and feelings. He teases Mikoto a lot. Um, we can see where that is heading…

Anyway, we consider Itsuki adventurous because he sometimes goes out from what the group is doing in order to do what he believes is correct. It is part of his unpredictability after all. Itsuki is loyal to his friends, but he has his own way of doing things. Thus, Itsuki is a special kind of adventurous guy.

6. Koharu

Meet the main protagonist of Norn9! She has dreamt for a while about a ship that would take her far from her hometown, where she won’t be alone anymore. Koharu is extremely polite, as she does not want to alienate the people around her. Koharu also is extremely innocent and kind hearted.

Koharu has the ability of fire, which she uses when the situation requires it. This requires a lot of courage, as she is afraid of being deemed a monster by other people. It takes all of her abilities and attention to fit with people after living so many years alone, so she studies hard and gives her best. That is a special kind of adventurous and courageous spirit.

5. Sorata

So there has to be some order in this chaos from the future… meaning the point of view from the past. That is why we have Sorata, an elementary school student from the Heisei area. Sorata is highly intelligent and ambitious, loving everything related to science and technology. Sorata wishes to become nothing else than a Nobel Prize Winner!

We consider Sorata adventurous because he enters the world of the future and joins the crew of Norn9. Sorata adapts rapidly to the situation, especially taking into account that he is a young child in the middle of a war. Sorata also helps analyze what is going on, discovering together with the group what needs to be done to “Reset” the world. For being a precocious adventurous genius, Sorata deserved a spot in this top ten!

4. Akito

Here we have a rather temperamental guy (and by temperamental, we mean violent). Akito is the chef on the Norn9, highly disciplined, and very careful about his health. He treats Nanami poorly apparently without reason. We mean, Nanami is a skillful ninja who can get through practically everything on her own, but Akito insists on treating her as a damsel in stress.

The reason we say Akito is adventurous is because he decided to go on Norn9 despite the fact that he does not have a special ability like other members of the crew. Akito also tries to help everyone. And although he is not particularly good at saying it, Akito wants to protect Nanami, going to surprisingly high risks for that sake… Although he is also afraid of a certain chick army (LOL).

3. Natsuhiko

Meet one of the coolest guys in Norn9: Norn+Nornet! He is the analytical critical thinker type. Thus, Natsuhiko is amazing at inventing and giving maintenance to machines. That is why he is also invaluable for any crew. If only Natsuhiko worked for Norn9! Always carrying a gun, Natsuhiko is a great rival for Mikoto, who soon discovers much of what Natsuhiko hides from the others.

This guy has many points for adventure, starting with the fact that he is a weapons dealer. Natsuhiko is also opposed to the “Reset”, as he values science and research that would be otherwise lost. Thus, his relationship with the group grows strained towards the climax of the anime. However, Natsuhiko’s feelings for Mikoto make him play a dangerous and adventurous double game.

2. Mikoto

With so many characters and complications on board Norn9, we need some sanity. That is why we have Mikoto among the crew. Calm, mature and composed, this girl possesses a strong desire to protect and care for others. That is why Mikoto´s special ability is a protection shield which can also break things as long as she knows their structure. She also has enough character to control people when situations go off. Who says that is a bad temperament? It is useful to have someone like Mikoto in war.

We say Mikoto is adventurous because despite of being raised as a rich girl in a cage like home, she went on to board the ship Norn9 willingly. Plus, she is participating in a war, for God’s sake! Someone has to protect the others while they risk their lives, right? Actually, Mikoto serves as human shield on several occasions, so the more power to her.

1. Kakeru

Finally, we have this guy, who is the embodiment of the balance between cheeky and kind hearted. Faithful reflection of this is seen in his ability, which is to grow greenery. Kakeru also has a slightly sadistic side, though, and unless you are Koharu, he might just keep on teasing you until you kick him in return or something. Kakeru is also a guy of action, not the type to sit idly around… specially if there is adventure on the way!

Kakeru is the ultimate adventurous character in Norn9: Norn+Nornet because he usually takes the lead. It does not matter if it is about farming peaches or investigating a probable betrayal, Kakeru is always in the center of the action. Kakeru also devises plans and protects the innocent or weak. Which means that he is up for adventure but taking precautions at the same time. For being a balanced character who still takes risk when necessary… long live Kakeru!

Final thoughts

And there you go! A review on the characters of one of those pleasant surprises the year gave us regarding to anime. It is nice to fly in the sky towards adventure, don’t you think the same? Which of the characters from Norn9 did you like the most? Do tell us why in the comments! See you soon!

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