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Many anime fans have seen the popular mystery series Another, in which protagonists Mei Misaki and Kouichi Sakakibara must solve the secrets behind the terrible curse that has taken the lives of many of their close ones. Unlike the more popular manga to anime adaptation, this school horror story first began in the format of a light novel; a Japanese novel that is published in volumes. We're all clear that the Japanese have great ideas when it comes to creating stories to be adapted into anime or manga, like so, western authors often write stories with the same intentions. When a writer creates a story and publishes it for free on the internet, this is called a web novel.

Like the light novel Another, there are great reads that also feature chilling cases of death, curses, and mysterious characters all centered in a school theme. If you want to read similar stories to Another, we recommend the following web novels brought to you by Honeyfeed!

Similar Web Novels to Another

Galaktika Gamble: Stolen Light

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  • Author: GalaxyDice
  • Genres: Drama, Mystery, Philosophical, Psychological
  • Chapters: 17
  • Status: Completed

Since his early childhood, strange occurrences happen around Neil Dounce, a guy that seems to be followed by a mysterious aura of death. His best friend, Ivan Voronkov, has dedicated his life to solving the mystery surrounding Neil, the disappearance of his mother and the death of anyone close to him.

Like Another, Galaktika Gamble: Stolen Light centers on the ‘curse’ surrounding a mysterious character, a curse that causes the death of anyone that comes too close to them. Similar to Mei Misaki from Another, Neil Dounce decides to give up resisting his curse and just distances himself from everyone, being forced to spend his school life in isolation. But, they are not truly alone, as the protagonists of both novels seem to not be directly affected by their friend’s 'curse' and are more than eager to help them figure out the cause behind their misfortune. Will Ivan have the same courage to see things all the way through like Sakaki did with Mei? Find out reading the novel here!

To you, the wishing girl

  • Author: Run
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Philosophical, Psychological
  • Chapters: 46
  • Status: Completed

One of the most outstanding features of the anime Another is its eerie atmosphere, one that matches the enigma of Mei Misaki. Mei lived her high school life isolated, being forced to avoid any social interaction because of a mysterious curse that has befallen upon her. The closer it seemed we were going to unveil the reasons behind the bizarre occurrences that shadowed Mei, the series surprised us with one plot twist after another. But, Mei was not always like this, before, she shared her days next to ‘the other’... A part of her that is no more; is this the real reason for her misfortune?

To you, the wishing girl shares with the anime Another that feeling of eeriness and uneasiness throughout the entire story. If what you liked about Another was its female protagonist, you will be interested in reading about the life of the protagonist of the web novel To you, the wishing girl, a lonely girl with a troubled personal life and a very mysterious past. A resentful present, an enormous scar and another girl, another version of herself… What does it all mean? Will she learn to live with her affliction or fade away like ‘the other’? Read the entire novel in Honeyfeed.

The Thrill of Halloween

  • Author: Bungou stray dog
  • Genres: Horror, Mystery, School
  • Chapters: One shot
  • Status: Completed

Kouichi Sakakibara’s school life was anything but normal after befriending a mysterious girl named Mei Misaki, a classmate cursed with being 'one who does not exist'. The mere presence of this girl caused tension amongst the classmates, the ‘curse’, if broken, would take away their loved ones or even their own lives. Whenever Sakaki was around Mei, he would see very graphic and gruesome fatalities happening… Why were these horrible deaths occurring? Was that life’s way of punishing Mei’s classmates for using ignoring as a bullying tactic? Or was there a deeper twisted supernatural mystery behind everything?

The Thrill of Halloween is a One Shot web novel that follows a certain point in the life of Eleanor. Eleanor is a young girl that’s simply in love with the festivities of Halloween, but now she is being tormented by her classmates for liking such a childish holiday. Eleanor starts getting bullied just for being herself, naturally getting her feelings hurt in the process. That’s until she meets a mysterious old man… What other possible similarities could this brief story have with the popular horror anime Another? We dare you to find out by reading the story for yourself in Honeyfeed.

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Another-wallpaper-300x207 Novels Like the Anime Another [Honeyfeed Recommendations]
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