Obey Me!

Obey Me!

Demons, Fantasy

Airing Date:
Summer 2021

Colored Pencil Animation

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The story begins with a dream...
“Help me... Help me... Some bad guys have locked me up.”
“You’re special, so I know you can help me.”
“Please. Find me!”

The voice of the unknown young man fades away, and you wake up in what appears to be a courtroom.
The stern voice of the man in the judge’s chair echoes across the chamber.

“Welcome to the demon student council! You have been chosen as an exchange student to study at RAD!”

Awaiting you are seven unique demon brothers and a mountain of homework?!

“The task is simple. Just remember one thing: One master to rule them all!”

Characters & Voice Actors

obey-me- Obey Me!

“Sit down and bear with it.” The perfect, malicious sadist. The mighty first born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“Aaaaah! My lovely credit card! I missed you so bad!” Greedy for all the money in the world. The scummy second born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“Henry, I spoke with a human stranger today...!” 2D for the win. The otaku third born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“I don’t stand out very much, do I?” The smiles are all an act. The cynical fourth born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“I look adorable today too!” The world loves me. The narcissistic fifth born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“Can I eat already?” Is supper ready yet? The always-famished sixth born.
obey-me- Obey Me!

“My brothers... I’ve missed you so much.” Too much love led to a rebellious phase?! The cat-napping seventh born.

”Obey Me!" (Game)

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