Several Minutes Apiece and Not Often Released - Obey Me! Anime First Impressions

What is Obey Me?

Obey Me! is an anime adaptation of the popular mobile game of the same name that shows the main characters in fun family shorts! The game revolves around attending school and getting to know seven demon brothers: Lucifer, Mammon, Satan, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Leviathan, and Asmodeus. The anime adaptation centers around these devilishly good-looking boys, and though the episodes have been sparse, the laughs have been there when watching Obey Me!

What to Expect

Enjoyable Characters from the Game

The demon brothers in this anime are too cute! The brothers all have their own quirks, but in the shorts offered by the anime, you don’t get to know them as well as in the game. Don’t worry, though! The creators of Obey Me! have made the episodes released compact, kawaii, and charming. Even if you don’t know their entire backstories, Obey Me! is such a great cute-boys-doing-cute-things-anime that you will like it.

A No-Brainer for Game Players

We will be brief on this point. If you are already playing Obey Me!, and you have not watched these episodes yet, LITERALLY WHAT IS STOPPING YOU? If you played for more than a few days, the cute demon boys of Obey Me! are enjoying mini-moments in the anime that game players will fawn over.

Slice of Life Scenes and Funny Adventures

The short animated episodes show these demon brothers in everyday activities, like studying (or failing to study) for tests together, planning a family getaway, and playing a silly game on their smartphone! Like the many side campaigns that launch in-g!ame, Obey Me shows these fun guys living their daily lives at the House of Lamentation.

More than the slice-of-life adventures we’re enjoying, episode three was done in a very “game”-like setting, where the brothers were all wearing bunny ears and playing party games. At the same time, the first-person character (they were talking to you!) decided who to give their limited carrots to. Uhm, yes, please! This third episode went from slice-of-life to host club setting, so we are looking forward to seeing what the next installments in this series have to show!

Less Than Accessible Content

The first three episodes of Obey Me! are published on YouTube, and if an Obey Me! game user purchases their monthly subscription, they receive early access to that content. After episode three, it is understood that Obey Me! will not be releasing more episodes for free online. If you want to keep watching, you need to check your local Funimation subscription. Fans who have always played the game for free (you can make that choice in this mobile otome game) have expressed less than positive feelings about the YouTube releases ending.

The availability of the anime is no less than other games right now, but we wish there were more of a difference in the communication and publication between the game and the anime. Because they share a YouTube account with (as of this publishing) no playlists or channels to separate the anime episodes from the rest of the clips, and because they share a Twitter account, it is a little hard to get information on just the anime. Luckily, if you have a Funimation account, the folks over there seem to upload anything they get, even if the release date is a little hard to pin down.

Final Thoughts

Obey Me! needs more episodes! The situations are cute, the characters are all likable, and if the viewer has played the game, they are getting even more out of it. We enjoy the content, but we wish this anime release was a bit more frequent with the episode drops! Are you watching this yet? Let us know in the comments!

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Meikyu-Black-Company-Wallpaper-1-500x281 Several Minutes Apiece and Not Often Released - Obey Me! Anime First Impressions

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