Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

A Friend’s True Happiness Is the Most Important

  • Episodes : 1 (Movie)
  • Genre : Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life
  • Airing Date : October 31st 2015
  • Producers : Hayato Kawai (Director), Akiko Nogi (Screenplay), Kazune Kawahara (Original Author)

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Preview / Plot (No Spoilers)

Takeo Gouda is a first year high school student. At over two meters tall (over six and a half feet) and about 120 kg (260 lbs) he’s hard to miss when he enters the room. He’s popular amongst all the guys in school, and they all look up to him as a senpai. There’s just one problem, he can never get a girl. The girls always go for his pretty-boy best friend Makoto Sunakawa. After years and years of being rejected, Takeo has given into his fate and accepted that he will just always stand alone in life.

That all changes one day when Takeo is out walking with Makoto and he sees a pervert harassing a young girl. Takeo runs over and towers over the man terrifying him. Scaring him off, the girl turns to him with tears in her eyes and simply says “thank you.” Gouda moves on thinking it’s nothing but then the girl catches up and tells him that she wants to thank him my baking something for him. Is Takeo’s fate turning around for once?

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

What is Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) the Movie Like? This Movie is for people like what?

As an Ore Monogatari fan, this is one movie that the whole fandom can enjoy. As long as you have enjoyed the anime or manga, then you will enjoy this movie. It does stray a bit from canon so if that does bother you, we recommend you go see it anyway due to the fact that the actors and director really put a lot of hard work into this movie! Plus this is a series that you like.

There were moments, of laughter, sadness, awkwardness, and comfort. Nothing about this move will disappoint you in any way because there is bound to be some part of the movie that you will love!

What’s so appealing about this piece of work?

We, as fans, are getting a retelling of the story with real people who do it quite well. The actors really did a good job of portraying the characters. The manga/anime is shoujo and there are quite a bit of flowery scenes of scenes where things just happen to appear or what not, so in order to attempt to recreate that there are scenes where the camera will zoom in on Takeo’s face while he’s screaming “suki da! (I like/love her)”.

The story in the movie does slightly differ from the story told in the anime, but it’s not so drastic that it feels jarring. It also feels just as, if not slightly more, realistic! Honestly, any Ore Monogatari fan should be able to enjoy this movie,

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Main Characters List

Takeo Gouda

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

Voice Actor :Ryohei Suzuki

The main star of the movie is Ryohei Suzuki as Takeo Gouda. Takeo is a first year high school student who is massive by Japanese standards. Standing at over 2 meters high and 120 kg, he’s a force that cannot he stopped. He excels at any sport and he is well respected by the boys in his school for his power. He has zero luck with girls as they all like his best friend Makoto Sunakawa. He and Makoto have been best friends since they were kids and probably because they have lived right next door to each other for years. Takeo is the ultimate good guy as he is never dejected by the rejection.

Rinko Yamato

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

Voice Actor :Rei Nagano

Rinko Yamato is portrayed by the wonderfully cute Rei Nagano. Rinko goes to a separate girls school from Takeo. Takeo saves Rinko from a pervert who is trying to molest her in public. She thanks him by baking sweets. She is quite the accomplished cook and Takeo loves everything that she cooks. She has a sweet and upbeat personality, but she does tend to withdraw when she is upset.

Makoto Sunakawa

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

Voice Actor :Kentarou Sakaguchi

2 cool 4 school Makoto Sunakawa is played by Kentarou Sakaguchi. (Makoto is not too cool for school. He stays in school and gets good grades, so you should too!) Makoto is the best fried of Takeo Gouda. They have been friends for years. They go everywhere together and every girl that Takeo has liked has always been interested in Makoto. Makoto is cool, aloof, and very studious. He does reject every girl who confesses to him though.

Contains Spoilers

Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Review

Let’s get into it. Ore Monogatari the movie will be running for a few weeks in Japanese theaters. If you haven’t seen it and you’re in Japan, you’ve probably got about another week or two so be sure to catch it before it leaves theaters! The really good part of this movie is that if either; a. Your Japanese isn’t super advanced or b. you have seen the anime/read the manga, you should be fine seeing the movie. The Japanese is not that difficult in the movie at all and you should for the most part know the basics of the plot of Ore Monogatari!!.

The movie opens with the middle school scene from the beginning of the anime and Takeo going to confess to the student council president. He is crushed to see Makoto reject her but Takeo gives him his button and tells Makoto to give it to the student council president so she isn’t crushed completely from being rejected. Cut to the next year and one day Takeo and Makoto are out walking in the town.

This is where the plot begins to change. Rinko is actually being harassed by a pervert not in a train, but next to a glass building. The pervert is going around her saying very sexist things about her skirt when Takeo comes over and merely slams his hand against the glass. Takeo gives him the death stare and the pervert runs off terrified. Takeo is embarrassed about what has happened, so he says that he’s not a crazy person and runs back to Makoto. They keep walking and Rinko comes up from behind him and says that she wants to say thank you by making something for him. She says thank you and then the infamous “Suki da! (I like/love her)” makes its debut. Takeo walks around dazed for the next couple of days and agrees to help the Judo club train.

During the days leading up to the Judo match which actually happens later in the movie, Rinko, Takeo and Makoto meet multiple times where she bakes Takeo first a cheesecake as her way of saying thanks. This leads to the sachertorte, macarons, the chocolate coronets, and then the cream puffs where she puts a chestnut inside one as a prize. Every time Takeo has a nice encounter with Rinko, it always ends with him saying “suki da!” into the camera, and then cuts to him violently throwing someone at judo practice. One guy gets thrown into a wall and breaks a table on his way down! Hilariously enough, the day of the match, the teammates continue to win by yelling out “suki da!” before throwing opponents.

Afterwards, Rinko takes Takeo to the roof of the school and feeds him three boxes of onigiri that she handmade herself including his favorite pork miso. (If you want to learn how to make onigiri, check them out here!)

This fact is slightly lost on Takeo as to why she knows it but he digs in anyway. He thanks her while he is eating and then stops and tells her that Makoto is a good guy and won’t cheat on her. She should be happy and he won’t interfere anymore. Due to his own denseness he thinks that Rinko likes Makoto. She runs away crying and talks to Makoto about Takeo. Finally Takeo meets up with Makoto and Makoto tells him that Rinko is a good girl. She is the first good person he has met in his life. These words sail right over Takeo who thinks it’s code for Makoto liking Rinko.

Takeo is recruited to help various clubs and does so well. Finally a text comes in from Rinko asking Takeo about a group date. He agrees and they all go to an amusement park, not a café. While he is getting food, he overhears two of Rinko’s friends making fun of him calling him an ugly gorilla. Rinko stands up to them and showers Takeo with praise and she doesn’t even realize he can see all of them. Later, they all decide to go into a haunted house and a fire breaks out. They are trapped along with others in a room with a giant coffin that falls forward slightly to reveal a fake vampire.

Takeo charges at a wall till he breaks it and everyone runs through. Rinko is last but as she runs and Takeo smiles, the coffin comes crashing down on him and he catches it, but it’s too heavy for him to move. Feeling as if he is going to die, he wishes Makoto and Rinko happiness and then she appears next to him! She says, “I am strong too!” and gives Takeo the inner strength to push back the coffin. He takes Rinko in his arms and runs out of the house to safety.

Outside, Makoto’s older sister Kagami meets up with Makoto and flirts slightly. Rinko runs up and when Kagami asks, Takeo denies that Rinko is his girlfriend. Crushed, she runs off. The next day, a text comes in and Rinko invites Takeo out. Thinking it’s a date, he rushes there, but she had invited him out to help shop for Makoto’s birthday present! They have coffee and cake and then again, Rinko’s feelings are lost on Takeo. They walk on a bridge and reject their feelings for each other when Takeo says they are good friends.

Takeo talks to his father about his feelings as well as his mother and Makoto. He runs around town to various shops that Makoto tells him to go to in search for Rinko. There, he learns that Rinko went around to various shops learning baking techniques all of Takeo! It dawns on him that Rinko likes him and not Makoto and he runs across town to her screaming her name. Rinko hears in and starts running as well. They meet on the bridge from the day before and adorably confess their feelings. Everyone cries and then it’s time for Makoto’s birthday!

They throw him a party on the riverside and Rinko’s friends as well as Takeo’s all come. They laugh and talk and then Makoto reveals the most important thing that Takeo taught him; a friend’s happiness is the most important. That is why he always rejected the girls who liked him. They always said mean things about Takeo. Rinko was the first and she liked Takeo. They take a group picture and the credits roll.

1. The Actors and Actresses

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

The father doesn’t play a whole large role in this, but he still is relevant. The actors and actresses are what make a movie or series good or bad! Thankfully with Ore Monogatari, they cast everyone properly. Ryohei Suzuki (Takeo) reportedly put on over 30 kg or about 70 lbs of weight to play the giant Takeo. He even went so far as to build a special diet plan to make sure that it’s not fat, but muscle. Rei Nagano (Rinko) does not have pink hair like Rinko does in the anime, but that’s what helps make the movie and characters seem more relatable. Another real star of the show though is the mother.

They gave the actress a wig in the hairstyle of Takeo’s mom and even went far enough to give her a bunch of sassy, funny lines throughout the movie. She also incidentally meets Rinko and knows about everything from almost the start! She just doesn’t tell Takeo Kentarou Sakaguchi (Makoto) however actually looks, acts, and speaks just like Makoto. There is no better actor suited to play that role!

2. Suki da!

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

Takeo says this after the first time he meets Rinko by looking up into the sky dramatically. In fact, the next few shots he appears in the same pose saying it. It’s rather funny because he ends up agreeing to help the Judo team without realizing it. Then, mostly due to his absent-mindedness, he starts helping the judo team train and yells “Suki da!” after each throw that he does.

This is because he has a tender moment with Rinko only to yell “suki da” in his head. He then stays in this emotional state until he throws someone in the next Judo training scene. This then influences the members of the Judo team to scream it as they throw their opponents for victory. Takeo then says it a few more times throughout the movie. However, it’s funniest when it’s during the Judo match.

3. Takeo’s realization

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review

When it finally hits him after running all around town, it’s a really sweet and tender moment. Takeo has gone from shop to shop following Makoto’s instructions to ask for Rinko at each of the shops. At each stop, they tell him that Rinko came in begging to be taught how to make something unique aka the cake shop, the sweets shop was the macarons, the bakery was the chocolate coronets, and finally the onigiri is where Takeo’s mother works.

It suddenly dawns on him while talking to Makoto that Rinko did all this because she was interested in him. He musters up his courage and runs out of the shop. He sprints across the town to her home while screaming her name. She hears him and comes running as well. They meet on the bridge and confess their love for each other.

All in all, the adaptation of Ore Monogatari!! is a good one. Full of laughter, tears, sadness and joy, the movie comes out quite all right. As long as you’re not a stickler for canon, then there is no reason as to why you will not enjoy this movie. We fell in love with Takeo and Rinko and their love story once, (possibly twice if you read the manga) so why not give it one more try? You will not be disappointed!

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-4-700x379 Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!) Live Action Movie Review


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