Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

  • Episodes : 24
  • Genre : Romance, Shoujo, Comedy
  • Airing Date : April 2015 – Ongoing
  • Producers : Madhouse, Sentai Filmworks

Ore Monogatari!! Preview (No Spoilers)

Takeo Gouda is a Japanese high school student. Unfortunately, he looks nothing like one. He’s tall, he’s muscular, he has masculine features like big lips, and very large hands. Some people would mistake him for someone in their late twenties. Takeo has had crushes on many girls in the past, but no one has ever returned his feelings so he stays single. His best friend Makoto Sunakawa is probably the epitome of a ladies man. Slim slender figure, pretty face, good looking hair, good style, and an attitude that’s very blasé about everything.

One day Takeo meets Rinko Yamato who Takeo is sure is in love with his best friend Makoto as has every other girl in his past. He takes it upon himself to support his best friend and fix the two up. But is that really what’s happening here? Who’s lying to who? Who’s really into love with who? Everyone deserves a chance at love.

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Who does Ore Monogatari!! cater to?

Ore Monogatari!! takes the concept of a shoujo manga and turns it onto its head. Usually it’s the girl who’s in love with some male character who doesn’t know she exists, or he finds her annoying, etc, etc. Moving past that though, Ore Monogatari!! puts a male character in the lead and slaps some comedic characteristics on him.

To be honest, I really thought this was going to be a stereotypical, girly show as I’m not a huge shoujo anime watcher, save for masterpieces like Kimi ni Todoke. However, this show inverts a constant storyline, makes it almost believable, and you even get characters like Takeo that are quite relatable. Plus, manly feels everywhere! You can’t tell your friends about it, but you can certainly enjoy it while watching this show.

I wasn’t always the perfect vision of masculinity way that I am now, so I can relate to being the outcast, and liking people who didn’t like me back. Just like Takeo.

What's so appealing about this piece of work.

First of all, there is definitely the relatability that I mentioned above. Another great part though of Ore Monogatari!!, is how while it is a shoujo manga, it’s not. It’s rather paradoxical. The guy is the center instead of the girl. He does manly things like eat a lot, go to judo matches, save people from burning buildings, ETC.

Ore Monogatari!! is enjoyable because it doesn’t choke you with romance. Sure there is some, but there is plenty of other stories to go around so that it doesn’t seem diluted. Plus, there is comedy! Usually, shoujo manga doesn’t rely on it too much. Due to Takeo being unable to read a situation, or just plain brash, he does some funny things. For example: with a roll of saran wrap in episode six.

The other great part about this series is that the couple actually get to know each other. It’s not a girl running around in the end finally confessing based on assumptions of how a guy is and will act, but the couple do grow together which makes for some funny misunderstandings.

P.S. Makoto’s sister is probably the best so far. I love her!

Ore Monogatari!! Official Trailer

Ore Monogatari!! Main Characters List

Takeo Gouda

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Voice Actor :Takuya Eguchi

Takeo is the main character of the series. He’s a large, hulking male with very masculine features and characteristics. No one ever likes him when he confesses his feelings and girls have often told him that he’s frightening when he does. Takeo is, however, very popular with the guys due to his tall height and strength. He’s a very kind and down to earth guy, who is actually a bit oblivious when it comes to his own feelings, and those around him. He is very kind and gentle, and is always willing to help those around him. Also, he has really bad rbf, aka “resting bitch face.” He constantly has a menacing face or scowl even though that’s not how he’s actually feeling. Which can lead to some funny situations.

He and Makoto have been best friends for years. He met Rinko when he saved her from a pervert who was trying to grope her on a train.

Makoto Sunakawa

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Voice Actor :Nobunaga Shimazaki

Makoto is the best friend of Takeo. They have been friends since childhood. Makoto tends to act a bit aloof in the sense that he is disinterested in everything. This includes all the girls around him who almost throw themselves at him. Makoto often doles out advice to Takeo and he is a good student.

He is loyal to a fault with Takeo and he often turns down the girls who come and confess to him, because of the rude comments that they make about Takeo.

Rinko Yamato

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Voice Actor : Megumi Han

Rinko is the girl who is saved on the train by Takeo when he sees the pervert going in for a move. She is very different from other girls and doesn’t tell Takeo that he’s terrifying and instead compliments him on his strength and bravery. She’s an avid cook and bakes cookies for him as a way to say thanks. She attends a different school from the boys and goes to an all-girls school.

She is the only girl in Takeo’s life that Makoto has ever referred to as a nice person. This probably has to do with the fact that instead of making a scene when she is saved, she simply thanks him and praises him.

Contains Spoilers

Ore Monogatari!! Review

Ore Monogatari!! Let’s get into it. *cues music*

Note: This part has been written while the show was airing and it will be updated when it finishes airing so we can talk about all the juicy tidbits.

This show is too good. I want to go out and punch walls and fight people after watching it. Maybe I’ll even go set something on fire to feel manly. Why does this show make me feel this way? It is because Ore Monogatari!! is just so good at hitting you in all the feels. You get the feels that you were not expecting to feel, but it wants you to feel. That’s what the theme of this review is, FEELS. There are so many moments where you want to bro-out with Takeo due to his personality. He’s just a regular guy, but Takeo is a standup guy.

He really cares for Rinko and the contrast of him holding her hand and getting embarrassed is the greatest thing ever. He has to ask Motoko questions about how to do something for fear of upsetting Rinko. The best part is with the saran wrap where Takeo holds Matoko against the wall so he can practice kissing at Motoko’s expense. I almost started crying I was laughing so hard. Takeo’s other great quality that we have seen so far is his selfless devotion to others. When the woman’s baby falls in the river, Takeo dives right on it without even thinking twice. He also saves Rinko and Matoko in the beginning of the series from a falling steel beam.

Another plot progression that I really like is how everyone thinks, starting with Matoko’s sister (who I really, REALLY hope comes back for more), for a period of time, that Rinko has some dark secret from Takeo. It’s even more entertaining because “the secret” makes the viewers think that Rinko is some kind of slut, or she’s using Takeo for something… Right? Wrong! She just wants to hold hands with him, and maybe even kiss. FEELS. They get you every time. Her confession is awesome.

Another part that’s great is how people are terrified of Takeo but they are instantly in love with Makoto. When Rinko drags her five friends out to go on some group date and Takeo brings five guys, the girls are floored. Rinko is cute and they can’t see why she’s into Takeo. They really like Makoto though! Thankfully, as a twist of fate, even after they trash-talk him, he saves them from a burning building. He even tells Makoto’s sister that she is beautiful like an orchid when everyone else is bullying her. FEELS. This is what leads her to have a crush on Takeo from that day.

A fantastic aspect of this series is the running theme of not being shallow. Most people in this series are quite judgmental at the sight of Takeo, or him with Rinko together as a couple. The interesting thing to note about everyone in this series is that once they move past their shallow position, with the exception of Rinko who never judges Takeo to begin with, everyone begins to love Takeo and respect him for his stellar personality.

The art style is pretty good too in this show as it tends to have more soft tones for Rinko and harsher more block styles for Takeo. This is probably to illustrate the contract between the two characters. HOWEVER, it doesn’t explain why Makoto has such soft art styles like Rinko when he’s a guy too.

The only major question I have at this time is where is the series going to go? The couple has met, confessed this feelings for each other, and started dating. The show is slated for 24 episodes. Are some more major characters going to be rolled out? Or is Makoto going to be in need of a matchmaker a la Takeo and Rinko? It’s just getting good and we can’t say for sure yet, so I’ll have to keep watching and hope you will too!

1. Role Reversal

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

I said it before and I’ll say it again. This show takes the traditional roles filled by characters and flips it on its head which is fantastic! There aren’t any whiny, needy characters starved for attention from someone who doesn’t even notice them. Instead you have a guy, who’s actually a good guy, getting paired with an adorable girl and they mesh together (at least so far) quite well. It’s rare and refreshing. While it still is heteronormative in its approach for the most part (aka a strong male character and a peppy, yet tiny female character), it’s still wonderfully executed.

2. The art style/contrast

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Ore Monogatari!! does a fantastic job of shows deep contrasts. Japan, especially in Shoujo manga, looooooooooooooooves to portray guys as very skinny with semi long or longish hair. However, that doesn’t hold true in this manga. You have Takeo who is this giant, bulking male with an over accentuated frame, height and facial features. On the other hand, you have a very fragile and delicate Rinko who almost looks like she isn’t the same age as Takeo. Some of the most obvious examples of this are the elevator scene, when Takeo tries to hold Rinko’s hand and when they try taking a photo together. The art style does a great job of showing this.

3. The relationship of Takeo and Rinko

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

I have harped on this one nonstop. Usually, shoujo manga is notorious for basically putting a shy/non-standout female character in love with some guy who has barely spoken two words to her, but those two words were enough for her to fall in love with him. Not that it is a bad thing mind you. However, Ore Monogatari!! Actually has the characters start dating rather quickly which is great because you get to watch them go through the phases of dating. Awkwardness is always funny. Uncertainty is another great one. These mesh together with others to give you these two people trying to love and live and get to know each other. If their relationship doesn’t hit you in all the feels, you need a new set of feels because it is ridiculously cute and I love every minute of their interactions.

All in all, I’m already ready to give this show a 10/10. Art style is great. FEELS. The characters are nice and developed. Punches to the FEELS. It’s challenges the traditional roles of a shoujo manga and changes things up. FEELS. A fantastic underlying subplot is the, “don’t judge a book by its cover” theme. This is a show that shocks you when it’s over because it just felt as if the episode started.

This show reminds me of how much I loved Kimi ni Todoke, and if you have not seen Kimi ni Todoke yet, then please go see it asap. I heavily recommend it. I’m not one usually for shoujo shows, but that one and Ore Monogatari!! are amazing! Don’t miss out on this fantastic show! Is it the best of the season? For love stories, yes!!

Ore monogatari finale Closing paragraph

I’m so sad. I’m so sad that this show ended!!! Ore Monogatari has to be the best love story of the year. It’s even got a live action movie that will be coming out in theaters in Japan on October 31st! So if you’re in Japan, you have to go see it! That being said, Ore Monogatari was a great ride through and through. Let’s talk about some key points that happened throughout the show since we last talked.

Takeo gets a “disciple” named Mariya while practicing for sports day. Takeo encourages her to run faster and she does, taking off. Soon though, that motivation turns into affection and she is found out by Makoto. He talks her out of it as Rinko and Takeo are a happy couple. Mariya stays in the picture though after she confesses and Takeo treats her as a friend while reaffirming that he only loves Rinko.

Then when Christmas rolls around Osamu awkwardly confesses to one of Rinko’s friends, Nanako which ends up with them in a couple. The really funny part though is how Nanko does a 180 when it comes to dealing with Osamu.

I was really happy to see Makoto’s older sister-with-no-filter, Ai, come back as well. Her own feelings for Takeo resurge and a guy who likes Ai is convinced that she just needs to talk it out. While being hilarious, Ai manages to deal with her feelings for Takeo as well.

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love

Finally, towards the end, Rinko takes a part time job at a cake shop. She meets a guy there named Kouki who can make really good cakes and desserts. She encourages him and Kouki then makes some amazingly delicious items that sell out. She points out that Takeo is her boyfriend and Kouki demands that Takeo break up with Rinko because he is a better fit for her than Takeo is. Eventually Rinko spurs on Kouki to win a cooking contest and he confesses his feelings for Rinko. Once he does, Rinko turns him down. She sweetly tells him that he won based on his hard work and not her feelings. Takeo gets the courage to start calling Rinko by her first name and their relationship takes a step further. (D’AWWWWW)

This show is great not only for the way it gets to you, but the powerful message that it sends. Multiple times throughout the show, Takeo says over and over that girls are not interested in him. While yes, he has been turned down in the past, this show repeatedly shows that he is actually surrounded by people that are interested in him. It was a matter of not getting beat down by the rejections of others and looking around. This is especially important to us the viewers because in life, many times we are turned down or beat down. However, it is a matter of looking up or looking around and not looking down. This is what allows us to grow. This is what allows us to be better people, and this is what allows us to become happy. It’s not about what’s under us, it’s about what’s ahead or above us!

I loved this series and I still maintain that this is the role reversal of a Kimi ni Todoke. I hope that you can see the movie as I will be going to see it and writing a review about it. Keep your eyes peeled for that in the future!

ore-monogatari-wallpaper-700x427 Ore Monogatari!!(My Love Story!!) Review & Characters – Everyone Deserves a Shot at Love


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