Our Favorite Weapon to Use in Miramar: the Win94

Win94PUBG-1-560x315 Our Favorite Weapon to Use in Miramar: the Win94


The list of PUBG weapons is growing and we’re happy to see new additions thrown into the fray for players to try out. We were introduced to the DP-28 about a few weeks ago and then out of nowhere, we received a handful of Miramar exclusives such as the R45, Win94 and Sawed-Off Shotgun. This is just the tip of the iceberg of weapons for the world of PUBG but we must say, there were a few in Miramar that really stood out to us after spending some time with it. One in fact really touched our hearts in a big way and that’s the Win94. This lever-action rifle just really tests your sniping skills since it comes with no attachments, and so therefore patience is imperative when using it. Let’s go into more details!

Win94 [Winchester 1894]

So other than the gun looking so beautiful in the game, the Win94 is a vintage rifle that’s an absolute monster at mid-range and can pop a head off from long range. It comes with 8 bullets in the chamber, all of which must be manually inserted. For that reason the Win94 is very slow when it comes to reloading and so, if you’re ever in a pinch it’s best to find a nice hiding spot to make sure you recover. Despite that major setback the Win94 deals a lot of damage and can take out a level 3 helmet in about 2-3 shots. While it’s not at the level of the AWM in terms of critical damage, we feel that it sits just snuggly between the Mini14 and SKS which puts it around 46-48 damage. Again this is just our ballpark estimate and we’ll need to wait for 1.0 to officially release before knowing exactly what it’s damage output is.

For now though we can say that the Win94 is an incredibly strong sniper rifle and if you manage to master it, you can truly call yourself a sniping specialist. Sniping without any attachments is no easy feat and it requires a very keen eye to see movement from a very long distance. We did notice though that at too far of a range the Win94 doesn’t seem to achieve much, so it’ really all about finding that sweet spot to clean up the job.

Win94PUBG-1-560x315 Our Favorite Weapon to Use in Miramar: the Win94
Every kill that I get with the Win94 feels so much more satisfying than say the Mini14 or other rifle.
Win94PUBG-1-560x315 Our Favorite Weapon to Use in Miramar: the Win94
You need to be really on point with your shots to make this rifle work in your favor, otherwise you die fast.