Our Least Favorite Weapon to use in Miramar: the R45


While Miramar is a dream come true for PUBG fans, there are still some areas that require some attention in order to make this game even better. From rubberbanding issues in the opening phases of the round, to lag hitting you at the most inauspicious times. No game is ever perfect and we don’t expect PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to reach perfection either, but with more fine tuning around the edges and you’ve got yourselves a legendary title. So this brings us to the topic at hand which is our least favorite weapon in Miramar, which happens to be the R45. Perhaps this may be a bias since we’re madly in love with the R1895 and it’s monstrous close range stopping power, but for some reason we can’t seem to find reason to use the R45 much. Here’s why.


PUBG-R45-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Weapon to use in Miramar: the R45

The R45 is in a way, the younger brother of the R1895 since it doesn’t produce the same brute force when approaching enemies at very close range. The R45 is certainly much more swift than the R1895, allowing you to let off 6 rounds simultaneously without any concern but where it tends to falter is in the overall accuracy. Maybe this is just our own experience but it seems when firing off the R45, you don’t truly get that full revolver feel and so it ultimately we just started to ignore it. The loud gunshots sound like a revolver but similar to your younger sibling, it’s all bark but no bite. They’re just trying to be you but will never amount to your potential. It’s unfortunate that the R45 is the exclusive revolver for Miramar because for some strange reason, the R1895’s vintage appeal would really make for some classic western shootouts.

At a certain range the R45’s shots just don’t seem to hit the target and even with the red dot sight attachment, it still doesn’t amount to much in the end. If we had to throw out a ballpark number pertaining to damage we’d have to say it sits just between the P1911 and it’s older brother. It’s not weak by any means but it suffers in areas that the R1895 can take care of relatively quickly. So while the R1895 struggles to reload it packs quite the punch when that one unsuspecting enemy runs around the corner, and you just let off that one juicy shot for the kill. It took us about 2-4 shots to take out an enemy with a level 1 vest, so you can imagine how much longer it would take with level 2 or higher. Headshots with this gun are possible but seem to require a little more precision.

Honey's Final Verdict:

Now just because a gun doesn't come with all the bells and whistles, doesn't mean it's absolutely terrible. For us, we just have a stronger preference for the R1895 and that may have created a little bias. For that reason we'd like to hear what your thoughts are on the R45, by leaving your comments below! Do you think it fits the Miramar environment or would you rather another PUBG weapon addition to give the pistol category some more cadence? Until next time keep it locked here for more PUBG news!

PUBG-R45-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Weapon to use in Miramar: the R45
I actually had a blast running a rampage with the R45 in early game! Didn't have much of an issue with it.
PUBG-R45-2-560x560 Our Least Favorite Weapon to use in Miramar: the R45
I can relate to this. Compared to the R1895, it seems to not finish off the enemy as quickly as I'd like it to.