Possible Endings for The Aquatope on White Sand

Shiroi Suna no Aquatope (The Aquatope on White Sand) has enchanted us with its beauty. From its art to its story, it’s definitely one of the best anime this season. Unfortunately, every story, including the best ones, must come to an end at some point. The Aquatope on White Sand has already aired its tenth episode, and we’re almost at the halfway point. Even so, it’s still difficult to predict what kind of ending the anime will have. Considering multiple factors, we think that the series may have one of these two endings.

The Ending We All Wish For

During these past few months, Gama Gama Aquarium has worked its magic on us. Despite the brief moment we’ve spent with it, it has somehow worked its way to the inner workings of our hearts. We’ve grown attached to it, and we definitely don’t want to see it close down. Fortunately, Kukuru Misakino, with the help of her friends, are desperately fighting to prevent that from happening. Even if Gama Gama Aquarium may not hold a candle to its competitors in terms of size or fish inventory, it has something more special to offer–a miracle at the soul level.

Perhaps watching The Aquatope on White Sand is Gama Gama Aquarium working its magic on us. Seeing how much Kukuru, Fuuka, Karin, and the others are working hard to save Gama Gama, we can’t help but root for them. We want to cheer them on and watch them succeed. After all, nobody wants this magical aquarium to close down. Nobody in the cast is giving up, so how can we, the viewers, not have faith in them.

There are multiple possibilities for this ending to happen. One is for Gama Gama Aquarium to work its magic on itself, allowing a miracle to happen. Another is Fuuka using her status and fame to attract guests and save Gama Gama. Perhaps one of them will think of a ground-breaking idea, just like when Tsukimi came up with the unique shaved ice flavors. Whatever it might be, there has to be some sort of catalyst. The anime will still be airing for a good while, so there is still hope.

The Probable Ending

The end of summer is almost here, which means that Kukuru and Fuuka’s deadlines are almost up. The illusion, which is Kukuru’s biggest hope for attracting lots of customers, proves to be too abstract to be a marketing option. The fact that not everybody can see that magic further lessens its attractiveness. If nothing changes soon, then we may actually have to bid Gama Gama Aquarium goodbye. Do not be sad, though. The series is still a masterpiece even if it does end this way.

To understand this ending further, we will have to look back at the first episode. This is when Fuuka is still a burnt-out idol, while Kukuru is nothing more than a desperate and naive high schooler. Throughout their struggle, however, both characters have grown. Not only them, though, the other characters also have their fair share of development. Gama Gama Aquarium has provided them refuge when they needed it most. Even if Gama Gama closes, it will still be a big chunk of the characters’ past.

Whether or not Fuuka decides on returning to the big screen, her time in Gama Gama has undoubtedly healed her tired soul. The immature Kukuru has matured throughout this whole predicament, and she will only continue to mature once Gama Gama Aquarium closes. Perhaps she might pursue her studies and rebuild Gama Gama in the future. Meanwhile, Kuya will be forced to step out of his comfort zone. Gama Gama has been his refuge for years, and this closure may be the nudge he needs to work on overcoming his trauma. Kai, Karin, and Tsukimi have also picked up one or two useful learnings. As much as we don’t like the idea of Gama Gama Aquarium closing, such an ending proves to be the more probable path.

Final Thoughts

Without any sugarcoat, we believe that The Aquatope on White Sand is a true masterpiece. Obviously, we don’t want it to end on a sad note. We want the aquarium to survive, but we may not receive such an ending. That, however, doesn’t make the other ending, in any way, bad. Whatever The Aquatope on White Sand has in store for us, we anticipate with wet eyes and tissues at hand. Hopefully, the ending does the anime justice.

Shiroi-Suna-no-Aquatope-Wallpaper-3-405x500 Possible Endings for The Aquatope on White Sand


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