Ranking Makoto’s Subordinates in Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy- in Terms of Scariness

Like many isekai anime, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu (Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-) utilizes the overpowered main character trope. Through repeated blending in with his surroundings, Makoto manages to resurrect or simulate resurrection repeatedly, which results in his mana pool to expand. With such power, he is possibly one of the most terrifying individuals in this world at present. In reality, of course, he’s as kind and gentle as one can be. The same, however, can’t necessarily be said about his subordinates. Taking multiple factors into consideration, we thought it would be fun to rank Makoto’s current subordinates in terms of scariness. Here’s our verdict.

3. Mio, A.K.A Black Spider of Calamity

Mio is undeniably Makoto’s strongest subordinate at the moment. She is stronger than Tomoe in terms of mana and power, which is backed up by their test results when they were applying to become adventurers. Mio has mastery over darkness, which is representative of her character. She can deal with almost any opponent without even getting a single scratch. Even if she somehow does get injured, she can immediately regenerate that amount of damage. Simply put, Mio is almost immortal.

As great a warrior as Mio is, there’s a reason she’s at the bottom of our list. She can be very single-minded, especially when it comes to Makoto. She’s basically obsessed with him and this serves as her biggest weakness. Tomoe, Ema, and even Makoto have actually used this to their advantage in more than one instance. Another bad characteristic of hers is that she tends to solve all of her problems through brute force, which makes her a bit predictable.

2. Tomoe A.K.A Muteki “Shin”

Even though Tomoe has a lower power level than Mio, her intelligence easily compensates for it. What makes her truly terrifying is her overall grasp of situations. She’s both intelligent and wise, and she proves that by almost instantaneously adapting to the enigma that is Makoto Misumi. All the while managing the land of Asora, Tomoe also does a lot of snooping behind the scenes. She meticulously keeps an eye on everything and makes sure no hidden danger befalls Makoto, making her a very worthy ally and terrifying opponent.

Similar to Mio, Tomoe also has her own quirks. While she isn’t as obsessed with Makoto as Mio, she also wishes to be with him. Her greatest interest, however, is obtaining knowledge that is originally unavailable to her. She’s especially attracted to anything about Edo-period Japan. While it’s not necessarily bad, her adamance in simulating the way of the samurai often results in her not showing her true strength.

1. Ema, the Highland orc

Ema is undeniably the weakest among Makoto’s subordinates. In fact, she’s even weaker than a common Highland orc warrior. Even so, Ema is an indispensable citizen of the land of Asora. Not only is she serving as Makoto’s secretary, she’s also his very first master. Her worth, however, doesn’t lie there. Ema’s true strength lies in being cunning. Since she’s fully aware of what makes both Mio and Tomoe tick, she’s able to say the right words to make them do her bidding. While she’s not omnipotent in the sense that she can’t fully control them, the mere fact she can lord over these two monsters as long as the right conditions are met makes her more terrifying than these two combined. In fact, even Makoto won’t dare mess with the great Ema without thinking twice.

Final Thoughts

Even though Makoto and his entourage are in no way evil, the sheer amount of power they hold makes them frightening existences. Even removing Makoto from the picture, his subordinates are perfectly capable of turning a town into a ghost town. Each of them is scary in a different sense, which makes the anime more interesting. This may not be official, but we definitely had fun curating this article. If you disagree with our ranking or wish to share the way you’d rank them, do so in the comment section below.

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