Ranking the Rumble Garanndoll Mechas in Terms of Coolness

Mechas are almost always cool. It is, after all, really hard to make giant robots look dull. Even so, not all mechas are created equal. Some are just bound to be less amazing than others. The ones in Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo (Rumble Garanndoll) offer an adorable twist. The Garanndolls, the mechas of the anime, are small compared to other series’ mechs. They’re basically like chibi mecha. That said, the anime has shown us three different variations of it, and we’ve taken the liberty of ranking all three in terms of coolness.

3. Cat Three

Powered by Misa Kuroki, our resident game otaku, this Garanndoll takes the form of a yellow cat. It doesn’t have much attacking power since it’s quite light, but its best feature is its ability to transform. That, however, is also the reason it’s fallen behind Rabbit Two. The base cat form is cute and adorable, but the transformation is rather lackluster. While it does make sense given Kuroki’s love for playing under the kotatsu for optimal comfort, the resulting mech is just… dull. It looks like a literal moving cube with a cathead that blasts the enemy with a ton of ammunition. Its firepower is undeniably unparalleled amongst the three mechs, but the same can’t be said when it comes to aesthetics and flair.

2. Rabbit Two

As its name suggests, this Garanndoll takes the form of a rabbit. Rabbit Two’s battery girl is Yuki Aoba, a member of the underground idol group Rabbit Foot. While the base form isn’t that much, Rabbit Two’s original form is also the most glamorous of the three. Clad in pink, this cute rabbit mecha makes our hearts go doki doki. The Garanndoll itself is powered by the cheers of the fans, which is to be expected given that it has an idol battery girl. The greater the cheer, the stronger the power. Rabbit Two basically is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of robot, and we dig it. It, however, would have been ranked last if Cat Three had a better transformation. Nonetheless, our lively rabbit mech remains in the middle.

1. Shark One

Shark One is the most typical-looking mecha among the three, and we say that in the cool sense. It takes the form of a chibified shark mecha powered by Rin, a very proud anime and robot otaku. With Rin’s passion for the hero anime Sea Emperor Zaban, we are treated to a Garanndoll that resembles the likes of Gundam. Not only that, we also absolutely love the fact that its power increases when being accompanied by certain background music. That makes our otaku hearts scream in glee. To top it all off, Shark One also has a really cool technique once Rin’s passion reaches max. That is definitely the epitome of cool, and nobody can convince us otherwise.

Final Thoughts

We’ve realized that the Garanndolls’ rankings are reflective of their names, but we swear it isn’t intentional. Even though we’ve ranked these mecha, we actually find all three appealing. It’s just that there are some factors that made us go meh at times. That being said, this ranking is completely subjective. We definitely want to know your opinions as to which of the three Garanndolls is the coolest and which is the least appealing, so make sure to tell us in the comment section below!

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Author: Christian Markle

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