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July 3, 2021


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Minato Shimizu gave up water polo after an accident in the winter when he was a 3rd year in junior high.

When Minato starts high school in spring, he begins practicing water polo again inspired by a "promise" and the friends he meets in high school.

But many difficulties await the weak team...

Characters & Voice Actors

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Minato Shimizu: Yuto Uemura

Minato used to be a water polo player, but he gave it up after an accident. Eitaro and Jo urged him to join the water polo club in high school.
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Eitaro Oka: Koutaro Nishiyama

Eitaro was a junior of Minato's in junior high school. He knows how Minato was in the past and enters Yamanami High School.
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Jo Jojima: Subaru Kimura

Jo is the captain of Yamanami High School's water polo club. He tries to make Minato join his team.
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Shugo Amihama: Soma Saito

Shugo is intellectual and cool. He was a swimmer in junior high school.
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Takekazu Ejiri: Makoto Furukawa

Takekazu is very enthusiastic and quick to quarrel with anyone. He belonged to the baseball club in junior high school.
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Yutaka Babayaro Inomata: Yu Hatanaka

Yutaka has a Nigerian father. He is kind and warm.
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Yoshiharu Ushimado: Daisuke Hirose

Yoshiharu is reserved and has a hard time being open.
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Chinu Kawakubo: Lynn

Chinu is such a well-known swimmer that she's been featured in the media. She knows Minato's past.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Forget Me Not" by ENHYPEN
  • Ending Song: "Kowareta Sekai no Byoushin wa" by Shugo Nakamura
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Masafumi Nishida / BANDAI NAMCO Arts / MAPPA
  • Director: Kiyoshi Matsuda
  • Script: Masafumi Nishida
  • Series Composition: Masafumi Nishida
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Nishida
  • Original Illustrator: Kaori Futo
  • General Director: Masafumi Nishida

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