Reality vs Anime: Happy Sugar Life

Happy Sugar Life has been quite a tumultuous anime that has toyed with our emotions as we watched the cute Satou and her loli love of Shio. Happy Sugar Life has showed the complexities of their relationships as well as the intricacies of all of the other people who are involved in their lives. With all the rather dark things that go on, whether it’s in the anime or the manga, we find ourselves thinking about how plausible some of these realities might be. So here we are, looking at Happy Sugar Life in Reality vs Anime!

Trauma After Trauma

One thing that’s quite evident in Happy Sugar Life is the amount of trauma that seems to happen. Trauma and drama, really. Each character seems to face at least one trauma that makes up who they are. In some ways, this is similar to reality as people all around us may surprise us by having had to deal with past issues that has shaped their current selves just like in Happy Sugar Life.

That being said, it’s not realistic to think that gaggles of traumatized and twisted individuals flock together in that manner, pulled together by fate. Yes, people who have been shaped a certain way may lean towards others who are broken as a form of camaraderie, but gaggles of differently broken people do not just somehow end up together in most cases. In fact, you may be surprised to find the things that have happened to your friends whom you may have perceived to have lived “normal” lives, but does that mean all of your friends or yourself has to be broken to befriend them? Nope.

Serial Killers Don’t Look Like Serial Killers

People want to be able to tell the scary people from the “normal” people. You want to be able to tell that the person right next to you has the intent to kill you so you can run away and save your life. Anime like Psycho-Pass are based off of this idea. You want to be able to just look at someone and tell, but fact of the matter is, you can’t.

Like Satou, serial killers tend to blend in with normal society. Sure, you have outcasts who do commit crimes, but a lot of times, you can’t tell the really scary people from the so-called “normal” people. This is shown really well with Satou as she appears to be a rather cute and popular young girl who likes to talk about love, but look at what she’s done in the name of love. Technically, she’s not quite a serial killer since she hasn’t killed more than 2 people, but man, she’s right on the cusp. Satou still deceives those around her by appearing normal and hiding the fact that she has killed people and is a pedophile behind her cute facade. Sure, it’s a little overdone in the anime, but there’s a lesson to be learned: people will surprise you.

Final Thoughts

The season is over and we’ve been there for Satou and Shio through the cute, the creepy, and the ugly. Whether or not the anime reflects real life situations or not, we’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. Hopefully you have, too. What are your thoughts on this anime? Did you like its craziness? Did you think it was far-fetched? Or maybe you just couldn’t stand it at all. Please share all of your thoughts below!

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