Re:Zero Episode 33 Finally Let’s Subaru Pour His Heart Out!!

Grab some tissues—maybe some towels—as Re:Zero this week didn’t hold back. Our Subaru Natsuki has finally been freed from Garfiel by Otto and Ram but that doesn’t mean his troubles have subsided. In fact, Subaru might be facing the worst threat he’s ever seen in this 33rd episode and some of the drama he experiences was quite a shocker, to say the least! Let’s talk about episode 33 of Re:Zero and why this might be one of the most tear-filled episodes yet!

Subaru had just been rescued after a three-day imprisonment thanks to his “friend” Garfiel. Luckily, thanks to Otto and Ram—and Roswaal too—he’s been freed. The trio doesn’t get a long reunion, though, as Subaru demands answers about Beatrice from Roswaal and the answers he gets are quite shocking.

Turns out, Beatrice isn’t a witch after all but does have a unique ability thanks to the Tome she has. While still a bit vague on what the tome actually does, at least Subaru knows now that the strange girl in the mansion isn’t to be feared as an enemy; at least not yet. However, with one fear removed, we now have another issue and that is Garfiel learning of Subaru’s escape.

Despite our heroes trying to escape quietly in the night, Garfiel approaches them and isn’t too shy about showing his anger. Ram tries to stop our half-human while Otto and Subaru escape, but the escape isn’t long-lived. Otto is obliterated trying to save his friend and Subaru is knocked out by Garfiel awakening once more in the dungeon he was kept prisoner in!

Waking up, Subaru notices that the sanctuary is devoid of life and now covered in a thick layer of snow! While exploring the cold and lonely landscape, Subaru notices a cute rabbit and wonders how this little beast is the only thing alive. Unfortunately, Subaru isn’t given much time to dwell on the rabbit as he soon realizes—to our horror and his—this rabbit has just chewed his hand off and several other little rabbits have gnawed his leg off as well! Subaru is then overwhelmed by the seemingly cute threats and once more returns to death to the trial. Just as Subaru is about to kill himself by slamming his head into the floor over and over again, a familiar voice fills his mind.

The Witch of Greed—aka Echidna—has once more invited Subaru to her domain and Subaru now learns that her “bodily fluid tea” is the reason he’s been able to keep from going utterly insane despite his several recent adventures. This is where episode 33 of Re:Zero goes into truly emotional territory, when Subaru admits something he has been unable to for the entire series!

Despite being able to see Subaru’s various trials and tribulations in the real-world, Echidna wants to hear Subaru admit how he’s able to survive and die non-stop. We all know that Subaru has been cursed to be unable to admit his “Return to Death” power but when he tells Echidna about it the curse is rendered null. Subaru finally yells a secret he’s been keeping these last 33 episodes and Echidna consoles him knowing this weight has been unbelievable on his poor heart.

This week’s episode of Re:Zero has become one of the most emotionally powerful episodes and it’s amazing seeing as how it really only happened near the end. Just having Subaru pour his soul out to someone and finally admit his power—and the pure emotion given by his voice actor, Kobayashi Yuusuke—was truly heartbreaking and gripping. Subaru has undergone so many deaths and failures that would cause most men to simply curl up into a ball and allow death to overtake them. Now with Echidna being an ally—or hopefully so—and able to hear his pain without repercussion allows Subaru to unload a weight that has been on his shoulders since episode 1! Subaru will no doubt need to endure plenty of more battles/loses but if Echidna can at least hear his pains and be there for him emotionally, he might avoid losing his mind!

On another note, let’s not forget about Garfiel for a moment. We all knew that he and his sister—Frederica—are powerful half-beast/half-humans but we didn’t know just how powerful. Garfield has shown his true form and clearly he is a powerhouse maybe on par with the White Whale! Subaru will now need to avoid angering this already short-fused guardian unless he wishes to relive death in even more gruesome ways!

Final Thoughts

Let’s be honest, Echidna has possibly surpassed Rem this week just because of her cute reactions to Subaru and how she’s handling our emotional hero. Aside from that, though, Re:Zero episode 33 was a truly emotionally driven rollercoaster that allowed Subaru some relief when he rarely has ever been given such. What troubles/deaths await him next? Comment below to put your best guesses in and also to admit you love Echidna just as much as we do now! For even more coverage of Re:Zero season 2 be sure to keep stuck to our Echidna loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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