Has Echidna Replaced Rem as Ultimate Waifu? Meet the New Witch of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-!

Fans of Re:Zero aren’t strangers to waifu debates as the series has quite a large cast of potential girls to fall in love with. Despite the numerous ladies to choose from, most viewers of Re:Zero will name one particular above all else and we don’t mean Emilia. Rem has stood as the ultimate waifu of the Re:Zero franchise but in the second season, she’s been forced to take a backseat due to a battle with some powerful new threats! However, a new girl—who also happens to be a witch—has made her grand appearance and fans are now conflicted. Known as Echidna the Witch of Greed, this grey-haired maiden has won over fans and has begun a major battle regarding who is the real waifu of Re:Zero. Let’s discuss some reasons why Echidna, despite such little air time, has nearly usurped Rem and her title of best waifu in Re:Zero!

Cute and Tough All in One Package

The first thing that we immediately noticed about the Witch of Greed is her cuteness. A few moments later, we also noticed she isn’t a girl to be trifled with. If this sounds familiar that’s because a certain blue-haired maid is very much a mirror to our Witch of Gree. Even if she’s technically “not alive” anymore, Echidna is a powerful spell caster that is capable of creating spaces from empty voids and possibly invading other worlds as she showed when she appeared in Subaru’s trial.

Has Some Adorable Features

Even if Echidna is a witch—which we’ve learned makes her a powerhouse of magic—Echidna is truly quite adorable. Not only is her hair long and silver—very similar to Emilia—she has a mischievous smile that just works with her overall look. Plus, as Subaru noted in episode 5 of the second season, Echidna looks quite cute in a school uniform. Hold the nosebleeds back readers!

Haunting and Enchanting

One element that most of the ladies of Re:Zero share is they are enchanting. Maybe it’s their features or their looks but in the case of Echidna its…well everything. When she discusses the world of Re:Zero with Subaru, she goes through a bevy of emotions that range from pouting when he wanted to leave and intrigued when Subaru showed her no fear. Echidna then went super close to Subaru—lucky guy in our minds—and warned him that most tend to fear her abilities. We can’t quite place our finger on it but there’s just something about the Witch of Greed that makes us want to hug her and show her how otaku show their admiration for a waifu.

Rem is in a Coma

Alright, here’s one reason that might be why people are loving Echidna over Rem…Rem is currently in a coma! From the first episode of the second season of Re:Zero, Rem has been out of the picture, besides a few scenes here and there, due to her battle with two powerful threats. Rem now being out of the picture means other girls have their time to shine and what better time for a certain witch to make an entrance and steal the hearts of those who loved Rem.

Final Thoughts

Our hearts still love Rem and all things about the cute half-demon maid but we won’t lie…Echidna has begun to change our minds slightly. Echidna has only been in two episodes of Re:Zero at the time of writing and we can’t say we love her as much as Rem but we can understand her appeal.

Ultimately, the debate will continue for some time who is the best girl of Re:Zero but we will ask you now this one tough question. Who is better, Rem or Echidna? Comment your answers down below to let us know who you side with and why! For even more waifu debates and articles be sure to keep stuck to our otaku powered hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Re-Zero-Wallpaper-700x392 Has Echidna Replaced Rem as Ultimate Waifu? Meet the New Witch of Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-!


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