Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dances with the Dragons) Review – Where Magic Meets Science

Where Magic Meets Science

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
  • Airing Date : April 2018 – June 2018
  • Studios : Seven Arcs Pictures

Contains Spoilers

Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dances with the Dragons) Introduction

Gaius Sorel and Gigina Ashley-Bufh are the only two employees of their spell formulist dispatch office, where they use spell formulas to fight beasts; though they mostly do odd jobs for others. As they continue to grow in strength, Gaius and Gigina are met with more deadly enemies, including political officials. The conflicting partners must learn how to work together enough to survive until the next day!

Why You Should Watch Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dances with the Dragons)

1. Interesting Setting

Even though there have been anime before that combine sci-fi and fantasy, Dances with the Dragons is a completely new experience for viewers in how its world is set up. You are thrust deep into the cities, walking the streets alongside Gaius and Gigina as they fight off a dragon and navigate the established relationships they have built over time. Dances with the Dragons has both the sci-fi futuristic feel of technology, yet it has such a large fantasy element in how characters interact that it’s difficult to distinguish between the two. From the beginning of Gaius and Gigina’s fight with the dragon, you will be drawn into the realistic politics and vivid society of this world!

2. Unique Take on Magic

Along with the intriguing setting of Dances with the Dragons, we could talk forever about the magic system that fits so fluidly. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this system, where spell formulas are a combination of scientific chemical reactions and the power of weapons that make them into magic. Even as you become more interested in what the world is like, you want to learn more about these mysterious “jushiki” abilities! Beasts like dragons and demonic forces can use these magical gifts for incredible destructive power – but then, so can humans who have wandered down the wrong path. A thorough analysis of the way that jushiki truly works is never really delved into, though it would be most welcome.

Why You Should Skip Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dances with the Dragons)

1. Not Enough Time Spent On Characters

Though Dances with the Dragons manages to provide interest in its world and how it’s built up, it fails at one of the most important aspects of an anime – its characters. Gaius and Gigina’s relationship can be entertaining at times, with all their banter, but it never manages to get too deep. Their partnership remains rather stagnant, and neither character grows or changes their attitude throughout the anime. As for other characters, villains and heroes alike appear out of nowhere, only to disappear just as quickly with little remorse.

2. Plot Is All Over The Place

On top of the multitude of stagnant characters being introduced, the plot of Dances with the Dragons jumps around a lot. In the beginning, it seemed like Gaius and Gigina were being set up in order to reveal a main villain, a political figure who held a lot of power. Then suddenly, that character was pushed to the wayside as a plethora of other, previously unseen characters were introduced, including a few brand new villains! Though everything is roughly tied together in the end, we are still left with plenty of questions… Especially as, in the final episode, it is only briefly mentioned that a main villain from the later part of the anime is dead, and the episode itself spends the majority of its time in a flashback to Gaius and Gigina’s earlier days.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dances with the Dragons had an interesting setting and magic system to compel viewers to keep watching in the beginning. However, towards the end of the anime, it was clear that there was too much packed into this brief show, especially in terms of new characters and storyline. The political discourse might make Dances with the Dragons worth it for you – but if you’re looking for compelling characters, Gaius and Gigina are nothing more than eye candy.

If you watched Dances with the Dragons this season, what were your thoughts on the show? Do you disagree with any of our points? We would love to hear your thoughts down below!

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