[Fujoshi Fodder With Action Spring 2018] Like Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch This!

Anime like Bungou Stray Dogs are known for being interesting, not just for their storyline but also for the plethora of eye candy that come with them. If you’re a fujoshi searching for similar anime to Bungou Stray Dogs, take heart. This spring season has an anime for everyone, including those fujoshi looking for more substance in plot! These shows also take the time to let the audience get to know the characters in depth. Though the characters aren’t outright in relationships, there is just enough teasing to make it interesting, and plenty of action in between!

Liked Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru (Dances with the Dragons)!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2018 - ongoing

In the city of Eridana, two different nations hold control over the territory – namely, the Tseberun Dragon Empire and the Lapetodes Seven Cities Alliance. People fight off beasts that run rampant between the two territories, using spell formulas to channel magical abilities. Spell formulas combine the chemical reactions of science with weapons to create a blended kind of magic. Gaius Sorel and Gigina Ashley-Bufh are two spell formulists, using their magical skills to fight against dangerous monsters on the frontline. Struggling to get by, the two partners take on all kinds of requests from people to make a living.

3 Major Similarities Between Bungou Stray Dogs and Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru

1. Magic With Logic

The abilities that Gaius and Gigina use combine the logic of science with the mystical power of magic, giving the world both a sci-fi and fantasy feel. Although Bungou Stray Dogs is much more supernaturally focused than Dances with the Dragons, Atsushi and his comrades fight with their own unique abilities that follow this same style of fighting.

2. Partnership Could Be More

Though Gaius and Gigina don’t often agree, their partnership is sure to create fuel for any fujoshi out there! Gaius is the protective and organized of the two, while Gigina is powerful yet reckless. Atsushi and Osamu Dazai have a similar partnership, with drastically different personalities and approaches complementing one another in the end.

3. An Agency With Renown

Bungou Stray Dogs and Dances with the Dragons both share the ideal of a popular agency, renting themselves out to strangers for all sorts of odd jobs. In Dances with the Dragons, Gigina and Gaius desperately try to scrounge together enough money to live on, taking out beasts to earn the bounty or serving as personal bodyguards. Bungou Stray Dogs follows the Armed Detective Agency as the characters also serve their community in whatever way they are needed, though they usually end up solving crimes or in a conflict with the Port Mafia…

Liked Bungou Stray Dogs? Watch Devils Line!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: Apr. 2018 - ongoing

Vampires have blended into society, avoiding detection from the government and most of the people. Tsukasa Taira is just an average school girl, until she encounters a half-vampire named Yuuki Anzai. Tsukasa falls for the young man, despite the difficulties that come with dating a vampire. Can the two continue to grow close even with Anzai’s increasing thirst for blood?

3 Major Similarities Between Bungou Stray Dogs and Devils Line

1. Mentor/Student Relationship

Bungou Stray Dogs focuses on the relationship between Atsushi and Dazai, in which Dazai is a sort of mentor yet also friend to Atsushi. Devils Line also has a student/mentor relationship, seen in Anzai and Johannes Kleeman. In both anime, the students have a sort of begrudging respect for their older companions, though the characters may often clash with one another over how to proceed on matters.

2. Dark Subject Matter

Each of these anime has plenty of action, and though the characters may seem lighthearted at first, they are able to deal with some dark things along the way. You could say that both Bungou Stray Dogs and Devils Line are meant to be for more mature audiences, though the series aren’t as graphic as some that we’ve seen!

3. Main Character: Monster or Man?

Devils Line highlights the struggles of being a vampire with Anzai’s fight against his own nature. Though they can be dangerous beings, most of the vampires in the show want nothing more than to live under the radar as a normal person. And though it is true that most characters on Bungou Stray Dogs embrace their abilities, Atsushi finds it difficult to accept his own, especially as he cannot control it as well as many of his comrades and was kicked out of his orphanage due to his unpredictability.

Final Thoughts

The anime we’ve talked about today all have great material for fujoshi while also providing a bit more substance with the plot. Despite the differences in these three shows, they share more in common than you might expect! Both Dances with the Dragons and Devils Line are interesting shows with characters that make you want to watch more.

Now that we’ve told you our thoughts, it’s time for you to speak up! What do you think of the shows we’ve mentioned? Have you been watching either Dances with the Dragons or Devils Line this season? We would love to hear your opinions!

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