[School Life Summer 2016] Like Angel Beats? Watch this!

Summer is that beautiful season in which we get to relax and forget about school life, right? Wrong! How can we possibly forget about school when we have such great scholar anime this season? And let’s face it, we all love these shows about school and teenagers with all their romance, drama and sometimes even a bit of magic and supernatural things. You know, awesome shows just like Angel Beats! Today, we tell you what’s new this season in the school life department so that you can pick something you know you’ll probably like.

About Angel Beats!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: April 2010 – June 2010

Angel Beats! is our point of reference for the following recommendations, which means we’re not playing around. Everyone knows how popular Angel Beats! has become, so it’s quite a big deal for any show to be compared to it. Angel Beats! is a great show portraying all the drama of school life, friendship and some tragic stories (apart from the afterlife setting of course). This show has everything we want from a high school anime; comedy, action, drama and most importantly an insight into what’s going on in the troubled minds of teenagers, with all the consequent character development we expect. Basically, everything that makes us say “I’d love to attend that high school!”.

Liked Angel Beats!? Watch Rewrite!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2016 – September 2016

Rewrite is one of this season’s most interesting shows, in the sense that it’s a constant wtf! Rewrite is about Kotarou Tennouji, a cheerful high school boy who loves playing around, teasing his friends and fantasizing about female breasts. Apparently he also has the peculiar ability of permanently rewriting his genetic code to become faster or stronger. Obviously, his super powers don’t come alone, as Kotarou seems to attract supernatural phenomena, such as cute loli ghosts who get in his bed in the middle of the night to suck his arm (now you get why it’s a constant wtf!). Kotarou then gathers a group of equally odd and peculiar classmates to fund the Occult Research Club and find out more about these occurrences, without knowing he’ll also learn a lot about his high school friends and about himself in the process.

3 Major similarities

1. Supernatural Setting

Even though these shows are mostly about school life and attempt to portray the daily life of high school students, the supernatural element is a common addition. Angel Beats! for instance takes place in some sort of afterlife, where dead students fight against the super powered Student Council President. Combining real life with fantasy and action is a frequent thing on school anime and certainly, a winning formula. Following this formula, Rewrite has combined the liveliness and playfulness of daily school life with uncanny places and happenings.

Rewrite takes place in a very peculiar world which may seem quite ordinary at first despite the charming dense vegetation (which we assume must be there for a good reason), but we immediately find out that it’s full of supernatural occurrences. This way, we may find Kotarou coming back home from a completely normal school day and suddenly getting attacked by a monstrous wolf. Rewrite is so unpredictable in the way it combines these two factors that it can easily blow your mind.

2. Supernatural Characters

A very peculiar thing about Rewrite is that not only its setting is supernatural, but also its characters. As the story unfolds we find out about each character’s gifts and abilities and how they are affected by these, just like Kotarou’s ability to permanently rewrite his own body to become stronger. This makes the characters really intriguing and the story a lot more interesting and unpredictable. It’s basically the same principle with Tenshi from Angel Beats. We spent most of the show just wondering who was this adorable evil loli with super powers. This kind of uncertainty definitely sparks our interest for the characters, and Rewrite successfully manages to create that.

3. Tragic Stories

One of the most important features of Rewrite, however, are its powerful characters’ stories. This is also the greatest similarity between Rewrite and Angel Beats, since they are both creations of Key studio. This company is famous for presenting lovely and wonderful stories that become bitter tragedies with heartbreaking plot twists when you least expect it. If you’ve watched Angel Beats! (or played Key’s visual novel) you’ll surely know what we mean. Rewrite is no exception to this rule. This show’s characters also have their own tragic stories to make us cry and learn to love. It’s now up to you to find out about them.

Liked Angel Beats!? Watch ReLIFE!

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2016 – September 2016

The plot of ReLIFE is quite simple although really original and catchy. ReLIFE follows the story Arata Kaizaki, a 27 year old unemployed man who can’t manage to succeed in life. One night, after having a couple drinks, Arata meets a man who presents him a pill as the solution to all of his problems. Arata takes this pill and wakes up as the 17 year old version of himself. For the next year, that is until the effect is over, he will have to go back to high school to learn about human relations and to find out what it is that’s missing in his life.

3 Major similarities

1. A New Life

One of the most important aspects of ReLIFE is that it’s mainly about new beginnings. Sometimes starting from scratch is the best way to get back on your feet and face the harsh trials of life. Anyone who’s watched Angel Beats! definitely knows what we’re talking about. Just like those kids were given a second chance in the afterlife, Arata Kaizaki now gets an opportunity to re-evaluate his life as a high school student.

2. Making New Friends

Making new friends can be hard for anyone, especially when you are the new kid at school. We’ve seen Otonashi from Angel Beats! having problems himself in this area. When he first got to the afterlife, he didn’t really know what to think about his new fellow classmates and whether or not he should trust them. Arata Kaizaki experiences a similar thing during his new life as a high school student.

As a 27 year old man in the body of a 17 year old boy, Arata has a really difficult time at behaving like a normal student and making friends. He often gets anxious in social situations and is rather awkward, but eventually he’s able to meet some kids who are as special and peculiar as he is. Thus begins Arata’s new journey with many new and priceless relationships.

3. Making Things Right

Of course, the whole purpose of having a new life and starting from scratch is to make things right. That is a key concept in Angel Beats, since as we get further in the story we find characters who had regrets in life or some kind of unfinished business. In the afterlife however, sometimes they were given the chance to rectify these situations.

This is ReLIFE’s main focus, since Arata is meant to fix his failing life by re-living one of the most important and meaningful life experiences, high school. During this one year long experiment, Arata is expected to find what he needs to become a fully functional member of society. How? Well, by making friends and having a socially awkward yet awesome high school senior year, that’s how!


That’s it for our school life recommendations. We hope you can find this useful to decide whether or not you’ll watch one of these shows. If you have liked Angel Beats!, then you should at least give these two anime a shot. Rewrite may be more similar to Angel Beats!, but ReLIFE is a very powerful high quality show. Both of them are good picks, so you can’t go wrong.

If you have already watched a few episodes of any of these two then tell us what you think! Did you like them? Which one do you think is better? How similar to Angel Beats! do you think they are? Share with us in the comments! ˆ-ˆ

Angel-Beats-dvd-300x376 [School Life Summer 2016] Like Angel Beats? Watch this!


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