Skip to Loafer (Skip and Loafer) Impression - A Clueless MC Meets a Golden Retriever

The Spring 2023 anime season has kicked off and it is a packed one full of sequels, original anime, and long-anticipated manga adaptations. Today we want to have a look at one of the upcoming Romance anime for the season, Skip and Loafer, adapted from the manga of the same name by Misaki Takamatsu first published in the Summer of 2018.

When it comes to Romance anime set in high school, it is very rare to find one that presents such a realistic depiction of its characters, and that is exactly what Skip and Loafer is all about when it comes to characterisation. This is a unique change from the standard formula of a Romance anime making Skip and Loafer an interesting pick for a seasonal watch this Spring.

Can’t Skip the Set-Up

Skip and Loafer has such a simple premise for a Romance anime, and it has definitely been done before, but the manner in which it is carried out makes it stand out from other anime within the genre. The story follows Mitsumi Iwakura as she goes from her small town, countryside middle school to a prestigious Tokyo high school, aiming to one day attend Tokyo University and make a change in the world through her life’s work.

However, despite always being prepared and achieving top grades when entering high school, Iwakura is not prepared for the bustling life of a big city like Tokyo. The saving grace for her adaptation to such a confusing place to live is that of Sousuke Shima, a pretty blonde boy that helps Iwakura because he has never met someone like her before. The unique setup for their relationship is exciting and we can not wait to see how it unfolds.

A Unique Art Style

Using the art from Takamatsu’s manga as an excellent reference, Skip and Loafer’s anime adaptation has stuck to a similar style that emphasises character design to aid in presenting personality, as well as utilising watercolours to give a calming vibe for what promises to be an interesting tale of romance.

When it comes to Romance anime it is always important to understand how the art style plays a major role in setting the atmosphere. Skip and Loafer’s atmosphere has been set by P.A. Works as one of calmness and warmth with their art style, which we hope serves as a good setting for the story of Iwakura and Shima. The opening for the anime serves to fit the same atmosphere with a cheery tune and a lovely dancing sequence between the two in summery outfits serves to leave the audience wanting to know how the relationship develops between these two dorky dancers.

Final Thoughts

Skip and Loafer looks to shake up what a Romance anime is by presenting realistic characterisations of the main cast, and we are excited to see how it unfolds this season. What do you think of this upcoming Romance anime? Let us know in the comments!

Skip-to-Loafer-wallpaper-700x394 Skip to Loafer (Skip and Loafer) Impression - A Clueless MC Meets a Golden Retriever


Author: Lewis Williamson

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