Section23 Films June Anime Releases Announced

What You Need to Know:

  • Section23 Films has today announced their upcoming anime Blu-ray and DVD line-up for June 2017. Check out the range of releases below!
  • First up is KINO'S JOURNEY COMPLETE COLLECTION, which is coming to DVD on 6 June for $29.98 and will offer both English and Japanese with English Subtitles.

Three days. Two nights. That’s how much time Kino and Hermes allot to each new place they visit before drifting off again, crossing a mysterious land filled with mystical sights and strange customs. Kino’s an enigmatic loner, skilled with weapons and always anticipating what might lie around the next hill or bend of the river. Hermes is Kino’s friend, companion, and motorcycle, gifted with the ability to think and speak, seldom as bold as Kino, but always there when speed is required. What is their goal, their ultimate destination? Like life itself, it’s all a mystery that one can only solve by taking the journey. All Kino and Hermes know is that adventure, danger, and new wonders lie on the horizon, waiting to be encountered at each passing stop. Join the odyssey and drift along for the ride in KINO’S JOURNEY!

  • Next up is CHIVALRY OF A FAILED KNIGHT COMPLETE COLLECTION, which will be released on 13 June on Blu-ray, DVD, and Combo formats in both English and Japanese with English Subtitles for $69.98 $59.98, and $169.98.

Ikki Kurogane may have come from a long line of Blazers, people with the ability to create weapons or devices manifested from their souls, but as far as the Hagun Academy is concerned, he's been a major disappointment in the magical powers department. He is so disappointing, in fact, that he's earned the unfortunate nickname of the "Worst One". However, things change for Ikki in the most surprising way when Princess Stella Vermillion, the most promising Rank-A Blazer to come along in many years, decides to transfer to Hagun. When she challenges him to a duel where the loser must obey the winner for the rest of their life, the last thing anyone expects is that the Worst One might prove to be a match for the Crimson Princess… and the unforeseen consequences will push the boundaries of society itself in CHIVALRY OF A FAILED KNIGHT!

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  • Then from the revived SoftCel Pictures comes THE PATIENTS OF DR. MARO BLU-RAY in Japanese with English subtitles. This adult anime is scheduled for release on 13 June for $19.98.

Hikomaro, better known as Dr. Maro, knows his way around the human body and can stick a thermometer in like a professional. Unfortunately, his medical ethics are seriously lacking, his concept of an appropriate Doctor-Patient relationship is entirely inappropriate, and his common sense is as non-functional as his sense of morality. When Sakimi and Masashi, a young married couple, come to inquire about a medical issue and to consult on the possibility of having children, what starts as a routine breast exam spirals madly out of control. Then, when Dr. Maro's far too intimate examination of the blushing bride results in a bashing husband, Maro finds his manual dexterity severely reduced by a pair of casts. Even then, Maro finds a way to come out on top, and to keep the not-so-good doctor from suing her husband, Sakimi must become his VERY personal servant in THE PATIENTS OF DR. MARO!

  • Next is THE BIG O BLU-RAY COMPLETE COLLECTION. Available from 20 June with English and Japanese with English Subtitles, this Blu-ray will have an SRP of $79.98.

Forty years ago, the minds of Paradigm City's inhabitants were wiped clean of all recollections of the past. Now, ruled by a powerful corporation and cut off from the rest of the world by desolate wastelands, Paradigm has become a virtual police state where Negotiators like Roger Smith keep the wheels of progress, commerce, and society turning. As a combined hybrid of detective, mediator, and enforcer, Smith's primary resource is his keen, analytical mind, but it doesn't hurt to have a mansion filled with gadgets, his butler Norman, and his attractive assistant Dorothy to fall back on. Additionally, for those times when cases end up "in dispute," he also has the biggest, baddest back-up that any cop or small army could ever hope for: the Big O, a giant robot loaded with all the extras. Film noir thriller meets mecha mayhem masterpiece as the acclaimed classic series returns in the complete collection of THE BIG O!

  • NORN9: NORN + NONETTE COMPLETE COLLECTION is up next on Blu-ray and DVD from 20 June. Get this otome-game based anime in Japanese with English Subtitles for $59.98/$49.98.

It's been so long since someone used her name that she's forgotten it. Suddenly, she's ripped away from everything she knows, chosen by a mysterious organization called The World for a secret mission. However, from the moment she steps on board the incredible spacecraft Norn, she knows that she's found home. The other young people aboard the ship are just like her: gifted with unexpected skills and abilities. Now, to protect the future of peace and harmony, they're at The World's beck and call. Maybe she'll find more than just a purpose. Maybe she's finally found a family and, possibly, even… her soul mate? Join three amazing girls, nine incredible guys, and a mysterious kid as an epic odyssey begins in NORN9!

  • Finally, SCHOOL-LIVE! COMPLETE COLLECTION will be coming to Blu-ray, DVD, and as a Combo for $69.98, $59.98, and $129.98 respectively. Releasing on 27 June in both English and Japanese with English Subtitles.

Why would anyone form a School Living Club? Could four girls, their advisor, and a puppy really love their school so much that they'd want to live in it? Or is there another reason, something that lurks behind the façade of their comfortable existence? Something that waits outside their school's doors. Something that has already robbed one girl of her sanity? While the others try to come to grips with a dark new reality, the rest of the world falls to ruin at the hands of a ravenous force, and insanity may be the last hope for survival. Shocks, heartbreak and stunning revelations await as the twisted tale unfolds in SCHOOL-LIVE!

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More awesome releases this month! I'm especially excited about the complete collection of Chivalry of a Failed Knight!
Kino-no-Tabi-The-Beautiful-World-wallpaper-560x420 Section23 Films June Anime Releases Announced
Ahhh Norn9 complete collection! In Blu-ray! Excuse me whilst I give them all my money.