Servamp Doesn't Get 2nd Season. Announces Anime Movie Instead!

What You Need to Know:

  • Considering that we have not heard anything from the Servamp camp, this is quite the unexcpected announcement. We last wrote last Febraury that there was a new project in the works that could possibly have been a 2nd season. However, today it has been announced that the new animation project was not a second season, but rather an anime movie!
  • With the drop of the first key visual as well as the first trailer, both of which you can catch below, the movie Servamp -Alice in the Garden-has been officially announced.
  • The movie will debut in Spring of 2018 and all of the TV anime staff and seiyuu will be reprising their roles. Stay with us for more information as we bring it over the next couple of months!

Source: Official Site

honeys anime character
Eeek! I am so thrilled! I did not know this was coming!!

honeys anime character
I have been wondering when we were going to hear more from our vamp boys!

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