Service With Style! Anime Maids and Butlers Who Get the Job Done, Their Way

We know them, we love them, and we keep waiting to cosplay them again when covid is over. Men and women in the business of running households and domestically supporting others are the butlers and maids we love! Of course, the attire is a favorite striking point, but they are also someone who can take care of whatever comes their way on their own, and their loyalty makes them someone upon whom others can rely. Let’s take a quick look at some heads of housekeeping whose homes would run differently if they were not there!

The Butlers

Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

Black Butler is an oldie but a goodie. Black Butler, as a show, did an excellent job of putting Sebastian in situations that made him showcase that he was “one Hell of a butler,” so of course, we have to talk about him. What does Sebastian do when some wine hits the tablecloth? Why he whisks it out from under the dishes on the table, laden with food! What about when the landscaping is destroyed? He makes an impromptu Japanese garden! There is nothing that Sebastian can’t handle. And for bonus round points, Sebastian makes an excellent cup of tea!

Raven from Hakushaku to Yousei (Earl and Fairy)

Raven is a fascinating character because he has a djinn that dwells inside of him. Before his days with his master, the djinn was uncontrolled by anyone. Raven is usually reserved and polite, but when someone endangers his master, he reacts with an inhuman speed, and the djinn that dwells inside him causes his eye to light up with a luminescent green. Tall, dark, mysterious, and dangerous are the best traits for this silent and supportive powerhouse.

Gotoh from Hunter x Hunter

From the very popular Hunter x Hunter, we have Gotoh! As someone who serves the Zoldyck family, Gotoh works for the best interests of Killua and his family. Gotoh has all the best qualities in a butler. He dresses to impress, has a genuine care for the people he serves, and takes a very discerning eye to the people who want to get close to those he supports. Even though he says he does not have an emotional attachment to the family, we all know he wishes Gon and Killua a good adventure!

The Maids

Chihiro Komiya from Shounen Maid (Shonen Maid)

After Chihiro’s mother passes away unexpectedly, he goes to live with his uncle. While his uncle is kind enough to take Chihiro in, Chihiro is entirely grossed out by his housekeeping and does not want to be a mooch. With these things in mind, Chihiro becomes his home’s resident maid! Including chores, an adorable outfit, and efforts to make the house a home. With the adage in mind, “Those Who Do Not Work Shall Not Eat,” Chihiro is earning his keep and making the whole home better in the process.

Tooru from Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Tooru is a real-life maid who keeps house for Miss Kobayashi in exchange for room and board. When Miss Kobayashi leaves for work and Kanna leaves for school, Tooru is shopping, tidying, and thinking about the next meal. Tooru cares about her friends, takes her job seriously, helps other dragons behave better in the human world, and makes life better for everyone around her!

Rem from Re:Zero

Rem fights ferociously for the things she loves. If you endanger those things, you will be endangered by her. If you are one of those things she cares about, she will put her life on the line for you. Rem makes the hard choice in favor of her loved ones, and she looks good doing it. She dresses well, has a twin sister, can handle her maid requirements, and protect her home. As a fan favorite, we wanted to end this with Rem.

Final Thoughts

Every character featured today is strong, independent, reliable, and able to accomplish their goals. Without these individuals, their households would not be the same. We hope you enjoyed our collection of some of our favorite maids and butlers! Who was your favorite? Was there someone else you wish were on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Kobayashi-san-Chi-No-Maid-Dragon-Wallpaper-2 Service With Style! Anime Maids and Butlers Who Get the Job Done, Their Way


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