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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action
  • Airing Date: Oct, 2017- Present
  • Producers: Graphinica

Juuni Taisen Preview (No Spoilers)

Unknown to many, there lies a secret organization that holds a grand tournament called the Juuni Taisen. Held every 12 years on various battlefields, warriors who represent the various animals of the Chinese Zodiac are thrown into a deadly game where only one of them can survive. However, whoever does survive this bloody tournament will gain one wish they desire making for a truly stellar prize. Who will be the victor of this year’s Juuni Taisen? 12 fighters are about to figure that out for themselves in Juuni Taisen.

Sharyu Bio

Seiyuu Name: Saori Hayami (Caitlin Glass)

Sharyu—with her actual name being Misaki Yuki—represents the monkey in The Chinese Zodiac. With a very interesting attire of a green military jacket and an extremely short skirt, Sharyu doesn’t seem like anything that special in comparison to the others in Juuni Taisen. However, quickly we learn that Sharyu is a lot tougher than she appears. Able to fight with an ancient martial art style, Sharyu is quick and extremely tough despite her petite frame and stature. Sharyu isn’t one to raise her fists to fight and prefers peaceful negotiations over before violence. Sharyu aims to win the Juuni Taisen and end war once and for all to create a truly peaceful and calm world.

Sharyu Highlights

1. Master of secret arts

When we are first introduced to Sharyu, you don’t really know what to expect out of her especially when you take one glance at all the strange individuals seen in episode 1. For the most part, Sharyu just looks like a normal girl in comparison to the other combatants in Juuni Taisen and we felt the same here at Honey’s Anime. Adding to that apparent mystery, Sharyu basically disappears after the first episode and hides in the sewers alongside Rat to avoid a quick and untimely death. Who is this woman of mystery, you may wonder, that hails from Juuni Taisen? Well let’s us, here at Honey’s Anime, begin by discussing Sharyu’s backstory in terms of why she’s capable of a lot more than she lets off.

Episode 4 is where we get the bulk of Sharyu’s backstory explained. Here, we see Sharyu wearing a karate uniform, being tested—but not by humans mind you. Instead, Sharyu is actually being tested by talking monkeys—named Mizaru, Iwazaru and Kikazaru—who appear to be wise and harness ancient powers representing different worldly elements. We can infer this bit of information from the fact that Sharyu is able to slice a boulder in half without even touching it and according to one of the sage-like monkeys, Sharyu can now transmute objects via her skills. We don’t fully understand how any of these powers work, but we do know that in the world of anime, these powers Sharyu has must be an ancient and secret art only taught to a few. If that doesn’t sound like a cool trait then we’re sure we have no idea what cool is.

2. Pacifist

Though Sharyu should be looking out for herself during The Zodiac War—which most of the warriors are clearly doing—we quickly learn that she isn’t aiming to just kill everyone. Sharyu’s plan is to figure out a way for all the warriors alive in the Juuni Taisen to stop fighting and somehow end the battle without further bloodshed via a peace treaty. While we feel this is definitely an impossible task—and it becomes one as you’ll find out—Sharyu still has goals to end wars without having to find thanks to her pacifistic nature. Though there’s a reason for Sharyu wanting this result and its’ explained in her back story, which, once again, takes place during episode 4’s beginning.

Sharyu, as we find out, doesn’t like violence or feel it is the necessary means of solving every disagreement in war especially. Her goal in the world is to end wars and create a safe place for everyone. That’s why Sharyu is so careful to only rely on her fists when she needs to defend herself at a physical level. You have to admire Sharyu for being this way as we would love a world free from violence ourselves here at Honey’s Anime.

3. Caring girlfriend

Like most of the characters in Juuni Taisen, Sharyu only gets a brief moment to show her tale, though we do get some interesting information from Sharyu’s tale. Apparently, despite being a martial artist who stops wars—don’t worry we’ll explain what we mean later in this article—Sharyu actually has a boyfriend. Plus, Sharyu clearly is a caring girlfriend on top of that!

Sharyu, during episode 4, is seen living with a man. We learn that this man is actually Sharyu’s boyfriend who she seems to care a lot about. One of the reasons Sharyu aims for a world free of war and violence is so she can live with her boyfriend in a peaceful world. How many women in anime would actually go to battle for their men to keep them safe? Trust us, you might think a lot of them but Sharyu is one of the few in recent anime that actually does this. What an amazing girlfriend, right?

4. Cunning with using violence

Now, we mentioned Sharyu’s pacifistic nature, but that alone doesn’tmake her so great. As many warriors in Juuni Taisen state, pacifism alone isn’t enough. That’s where we see the true strength of Sharyu come out. Sharyu can use other means than just fighting to end a confrontation. For further proof, all we need to do is visit episode 4 to see how Sharyu ended a war between two neighboring countries without ever once relying on violence.

As the backstory explains to the viewer, there was a long-time feud between two countries that caused them a long-standing war. Despite numerous attempts at cease fires, neither side was willing to back down…until Sharyu showed up that is. It is here that Sharyu worked behind the scenes of the war and began causing the soldiers to realize they were engaging in a blood-filled war for literally no reason. Thus, the war was stopped and the two leaders were left in shock at seeing their battle come to an end because of one girl who never fired a single bullet. If you could have saw our expressions here at Honey’s Anime when Sharyu pulled this off you would be smiling and devoting your love to Sharyu just like us.

5. Went down swinging

While Sharyu showed she could face off against any number of opponents if she needed to, the end results weren’t in her favor sadly. Yes, despite some powerful training and extreme smarts, Sharyu still perished during The Zodiac War. Though Sharyu did indeed get killed by Rabbit—Usagi as he is known as—this girl didn’t go down without a fight. Let us talk about Sharyu’s last moments as a warrior and why it was impressive even though it ended in Sharyu’s death.

Sharyu’s path to death starts at episode 5 when her and Rat run into Rabbit. Despite wanting to settle things without bloodshed, Rabbit quickly closes in on Sharyu to attack. From here, Sharyu fights against Rabbit and does an admirable job of kicking his butt and seems to cause him to be more on the defensive side as he flees back. However, episode 6 is where Sharyu falls due to not realizing Rabbit’s ploy in getting her back exposed leaving her wide open to get attacked by Snake. Here, Sharyu is stunned and then stabbed by Rabbit ending her life but as you can clearly tell, Sharyu died fighting and we respect that from someone who wished to be a pacifist.

Final Thoughts

Sharyu is easily one of the more interesting warriors of Juuni Taisen hands down and we’re positive many of you out there watching the show can agree. She might not have large guns or created bombs or daggers, but all Sharyu needs are her fists and that got her pretty far in comparison to the other Zodiac warriors, especially one warrior who died before the Juuni Taisen even began. We love Sharyu but we know some of you might love other characters in Juuni Taisen and that is completely understandable. Comment down below to tell us who your favorite character is and why and or if you’re like us and love Sharyu the monkey warrior who kills peacefully. For more articles like this one and for all your anime news and article needs, be sure to stick to our hive here at Honey’s Anime where we work tirelessly to deliver you even more forms of entertainment.

078 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Sharyu Highlights - Juuni Taisen


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