Airing Date:
February 29, 2020 (JPN) / August 10, 2021 (NA)


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Shirobako is a term used in the movie industry. It means a VHS tape enclosed in a white box, and also the first thing a producer can obtain when the work is complete.
"SHIROBAKO" is the anime which honestly, softly and sometimes rigidly depicts the busy daily scenes in the reality of the animation industry.

The 5 members of Kamiyama High School Animation Club have made a promise to definitely make an anime together in the future. They made the promise with the donuts of Hyotan-ya. Each member is involved in the anime production in their own ways after graduation. Miyamori Aoi is slowly getting close toward her dream, through the productions of "Exodus" and "The 3rd Aerial Girls Squad", gradually getting an idea on what she really wants to do.

Four years have passed since then. Aoi, who spends her time worrying about her daily tasks, is called by Watanabe after the morning meeting and is told that she will be in charge of a new movie project. But there is a big loophole in the project. Can this company in the current situation really be able to achieve success in this project...? Anxious Aoi begins to work with new partners Miyai Kaede and Musani members toward the completion of the project. Can the movie meet the the deadline..?

Characters & Voice Actors

Aio Miyamori: Juri Kimura

She has been working as production assistant of Musashino Animation for 1 year. She has been interested in animation production since she was a student, despite participating in a club, she graduated with no clear goals. After that she entered Musahino Animation. She is always optimistic and passionate. Her dream is to produce an animation together with her friends from the high school times. Ema and Shizuka call her "Oi-chan", Midori and Misa call her "Oi-chan Senpai", and her colleagues call her "Myamori". She loves donuts.
Ema Yasuhara: Haruka Yoshimura

Key frame illustrator at Musashino Animation. She had been producing animation in the same club with Aoi when she was a student. She is serious, but has an introvert characteristic. She starts to participate in key frame section only after 1 and a half years after she has been hired, but she has not decided on which style she should take, being bothered by her characteristic. She admires Horiuchi-san, an animator from Naniwa Animation who is good at daily scenes.
Shizuka Sakagi: Haruka Chisuga

She wants to be a voice actress. She created animation at the high school with Aoi. She got lucky and was hired by the voice actor office called Akaoni Production, but she has not yet made her debut in the anime. Therefore she often goes to self training, while working as a part-time worker at the pub. Aoi and Ema call her "Zuka-chan", and Midori and Misa call her "Zuka Senpai".
Misa Toudou: Asami Takano

She works at the Computer Graphics (CG) company Super Media Creations. She has created anime together with Aoi when she was a high school student, and she is a year younger than Aoi. She sees a better future in a CG company, which is a very important technology in 2-D animations. She keeps creating models over and over regardless of failure. Aoi, Ema, and Shizuka call her "Mi-chan", and Midori calls her "Mi Senpai".
Midori Imai: Hitomi Owada

She wants to be a script writer. She is 2 years younger than Aoi, and used to create animations with Aoi. She is currently a university student. She wants to work in the anime industry after graduation, but she is struggling to find a reason to make a final decision on her career path.. She does research on things she enjoys, and being charmed by her hobby. She is unique in a way in that, she talks like a sport player. Aoi and others call her "Ri-chan".. Aoi and others call her "Ri-chan".

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: fhána"星をあつめて"by Lantis
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Musashino Animation
  • Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Series Composition: Michiko Yokote
  • Character Design: Kanami Sekiguchi
  • Original Illustrator: Ponkan ⑧
  • Music: Shiro Hamaguchi

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