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Slow Loop is centered on the new step-siblings Hiyori and Koharu. Interestingly, their first meeting is not when they are introduced by their parents. Koharu just accidentally chances on Hiyori fishing. Being a curious girl, Koharu approaches Hiyori and asks her to teach her how to fish. Hiyori obliges, and their colorful new sibling life begins. After 12 amazing episodes of seeing them spend their time together, here’s what we think of Slow Loop.

A Bountiful Catch of Laidback Content

Slow Loop is an anime about fishing. Worthy of its theme, the anime takes its time narrating the story. Hiyori and the gang spend most of their time fishing and bonding with each other. Koharu’s bubbly personality does a good job livening the group, while Hiyori’s immense love for fishing and Koi’s objective thought process make the series more entertaining. Their activities are not necessarily something special, but seeing them enjoying themselves is an absolute joy.

The girls’ interactions with each other are rather light and realistic, veering off from the typical overly-active actions this type of anime tends to use for the sake of being likable. Because of this, the overall watching mood becomes rather tame and relaxing. As a viewer, we feel like a parent watching their kids fool around as we sit and laze under the shade of a big tree.

Cute But With a Pinch of Drama

It’s rather easy to tell that Slow Loop is aiming for the moe aesthetic. The characters are designed with round faces and big eyes, easily resembling a child’s features. But unlike most moe anime, Slow Loop has a decent plot and just the right amount of drama. While there are notable cute scenes – especially when the characters are presented in their chibi mode – Slow Loop has a story to tell. The anime also puts importance on its characters, evidenced by the main cast slowly growing as individuals as they learn more about themselves and the other characters.

The drama in Slow Loop mostly comes from familial and friendly relationships. Even so, the anime doesn’t focus on these problems. The drama is just enough to spice up the narrative while also enhancing the series’ overall wholesomeness.

Surprisingly Educational

Given its cute aesthetics, we’ve expected Slow Loop to focus on either cuteness or character interactions. It may have not neglected these elements, but it also puts the effort into researching its general theme. The anime makes sure to explain newly introduced concepts, which are either about fishing or cooking fish. While it’s definitely not enough to turn its viewers into fishing gurus, it is enough to allow them to pretend to know everything about fishing and occasionally brag to their family and friends.

Final Thoughts

Slow Loop has surprised us in more ways than one. It has broken our expectation of a cute anime perfect for a mindless watch. Well, it is still that, but it’s a lot better than we expected it to be. The tinge of drama and the realistic character developments make us crave more episodes. The anime has also taught us a thing or two about fishing, though we can’t really promise to put them into action. Nonetheless, it’s always nice to pick up real-world knowledge from anime.

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Slow-Loop-wallpaper-1-500x500 Slow Loop Review - Moe-r Than Just Cuteness

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