Social-based Otome Sim Game "My Shelf" by NTT Solmare is Officially out NOW!

What You Need to Know:

  • Anyone who loves a taste for adventure and suspense will surely find NTT Solmare's story selection-based sim game, My Shelf, to be very exciting. In My Shelf, players can pick from a number of different scenarios and encounter various situations where their decisions will be reflective of the story. This game is geared towards the female audience in mind and will create a very rewarding experience for those who dive deep into each plot! It's like a handful of romance novels packed into one game!
  • Every new decision you come across creates an entirely fresh new path for you to travel on, giving each story a very immersive feel. Stories within the game will be updated weekly giving players a totally fresh and thrilling experience each time they play. Otome fans will surely be all over this one!
  • Scroll down below to find a list of the various scenarios that you can choose from, along with some special features that you'll only find in My Shelf!

Source: Official Press Release

In-Game Scenarios

Campus Hacker

Alice the party-girl, and Face the peculiar-girl have both found joy living in a shared house together. But emotions start to rise when a dark-horse football player, Norman, enters the shared house. Your daily life suddenly gets busier after the encounter with Norman. A football player, Norman, a warm-hearted gamer, Peter, and an aspiring actor, Dean. Who will you choose as your lover?

Untold Darkness

Alex who you met in a cafe is the head of a mysterious club St. Cyr, which is quite famous in the university. Having attended a party with him at night, you witness a woman being attacked by a man with red eyes. What is the truth in the case you investigate? What is the secret of the connection between the mysterious St. Cyr and Alex?


On the same day you meet a detective who has allegedly moved to the town lately, and your best friend, Daisy, disappears from the town. Seeking more answers you ask for help from detective Carl, his assistant, Stanley and your classmate, Troy.
Will you guys be able to solve the case and save Daisy? Before long, you are destined to get engulfed in a sad case hidden in Carl’s deep past.

Hit the Floor!

On the day you are fired, you find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you. Having lost a place to live, your life's in the gutter and you need a change of pace. You arrive at a bar where you run into your ex-boyfriend from university, Ken, again. The gears of fate start spinning rapidly by the rencounter with Ken.

Game Features

  • New stories will be added weekly.
  • Stories change depending on your selection. You can enjoy them in your own way.
  • Stories can be bookmarked as favorite and available for searching whenever you want to read.
  • High-quality visuals and compelling sound bring additional excitement to the gaming experience.
  • Your avatar's appearance can be created and customized with built-in items such as body parts, skin colors and clothes in the default setting.

  • honeys anime character
    Oh my! Now this sounds like a game I can spend a lot of time with on the way to work!

    honeys anime character
    It's like a ton of romance and mystery novels are packed into one game! This is going to be an amazing experience!