Sunrise Panel at Anime Expo 2018 Part 1

Honey’s Anime barely made the panel as it was one crazy event at Anime Expo this year. As everything seemed well organized, the lines were just long for bag checks going into panel throughout the show. So you had to plan early just to be on time or barely, in my case. But once inside, we were ready for Sunrise studios had in store for us all!

Already Announced

New Love Live! Sunshine! Anime Movie

A new movie called Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie Over the Rainbow was announced officially to Western fans. After already being revealed at the ~Wonderful Stories~ tour that just ended, it was also revealed during the tour at Anime Expo 2018! For now, this is only in Japan but we can probably be expecting some news in the near future about bringing the film to theaters in the West. I mean, why announce it to us if you're not bringing the goods! So far, the only release date we have is Jan 4, 2019, and we suspect that is for Japan only?!

Let’s go over the teaser a bit, shall we! From what we can see in the teaser trailer, there are 9 members of Aqours and Mari and Chika are but a couple of them. The anime is going to take place in Italy so that should be fun! And on a fun note, Mari is the center this time around! Many are debating if that is the best decision but we could care less. What do you all think?

If you want to check out more about the new anime movie, head to the following link below:

Cowboy Bebop 20th Anniversary

Sunrise also announced their first-time Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD release of a series being bundled together with its own movie, Cowboy Bebop! The Anniversary Collector’s Edition will be available on November 13th, with pre-orders already being taken, so get ready! The Collector’s Edition will come with a slew of items such as:

  • Limited Edition Rigid Collector's Box
  • The complete series PLUS Cowboy Bebop the Movie: Knockin' on Heaven's Door on six Blu-ray discs in three steel collector cases
  • On-disc special features including a newly recorded extra—more details to come!
  • Two-LP Vinyl record set of the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack
  • 200-Page hardcover art book featuring illustrations and newly-translated intensive liner notes by Dai Sato
  • Five lithographs

For the lovely price of $250 USD, you can have all of the above plus memories of when you first then ass-kicking space cowboys! The Collector's Edition can be found at FUNimation’s website, here:

Upcoming Projects

New Code Geass Anime

In addition to announcing the aforementioned, we now embark on the more interesting part of the journey, and that is world premiere announcements! For the first world premiere announcement, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch ~Initiation~ was announced and while not much was given about the project, we were told that it will be all new episodes directly tied to the previous TV series as a continuation! Isn’t that exciting! I mean, there had been rumors for a while now but it is nice to finally get the confirmation that Lelouch is not dead, right?! Or are we still set on that he is dead?! o_O

As of the date to this article, there are no official announcements on a release date or status on the progress of the new season in production. We’ll just have to wait and see!

New Anime “Double Decker! Doug & Kirill”

Double Decker is another new anime announced at the Sunrise Panel. This one received little information as all that was shared is that it is tv anime’s new buddy/bro anime and will be featured on Crunchyroll. With Masakazu Katsura as Character Design, he brings characters like Doug, Kirill, Deana, Kay, Max, and Yuri to life with vibrant colors from the what we saw in the trailer. Unfortunately, that trailer is only viewable in Japan… Sorry folks! And I wish I could describe more about it, too. Most of the trailer was just character bio charts and their images cycling in and out of the screen.

It looks good, though, Don’t get us wrong, let’s just see if it can live up to such buddy anime like Gangsta., Tiger and Bunny, and Gurren Lagann. What do you all think about this anime so far?

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, we have run a bit out of time for this first part of the Sunrise panel, so make sure you all tune in next time for the rest of the panel presentation in Part 2 of Sunrise Panel at Anime Expo 2018! You‘ll want to come back too. It’s really juicy!!!

035 Sunrise Panel at Anime Expo 2018 Part 1

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