T-sensei Anime Adaptation Announced

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What You Need to Know:

  • It has been announced that Yukue Moegi and T-sensei's manga, T-sensei (My Teacher, Mr. T), will be getting an anime adaptation.
  • The manga, which started serialisation in November 2014, is based on popular daycare teacher T-sensei, whose Twitter fame has led to him being on TV and radio. It shows the cute everyday stories of his life as a teacher and how he spends his days with the children.
  • The official announcement will be made on the wraparound cover of the 5th manga volume, which comes out on 23 March. We'll be back with more details once they're released!

mo-happy1 T-sensei Anime Adaptation Announced
Oh this sounds super super cute!! I hope it gets a full anime series!
mo-happy1 T-sensei Anime Adaptation Announced
It's cool that it's based on a real person! Sounds like we've got another soothing slice-of-life anime to look forward to!